What Can You Do Instead of Birthday Presents?

Earlier this month, I wrote about how birthday parties can get out of control. In “Whose Birthday Party is it, Anyway?” I wrote about all the ways that we can lose perspective and how birthday parties can get hijacked by different parties until we forget who the celebration is supposed to be for. One of the ways that birthdays can get out of hand is by putting too much pressure on gift giving and getting. Have you ever considered starting a new family ritual and coming up with activities or other things to do INSTEAD of focusing on birthday presents? … Continue reading

Whose Birthday Party is It, Anyway?

Ah the birthday party! Organizing and coordinating the perfect party has become an obsession with the average family—at least it can seem that way. We want our child to have a great day, sure, but we may also get caught up in trying to give the standard party for our socio-economic level, meet neighborhood and peer group expectations, and make sure that our child doesn’t feel slighted. What can get lost in the whole quest for the perfect party is just exactly who the party is supposed to be for anyway! There can be so many special interest groups influencing … Continue reading

My New Mom Obsession – Old Children’s Books

I’ve got a confession to make – I am thoroughly obsessed with old children’s books. When I read to my boys at bedtime, we choose from a varied selection of books that we borrow from the library and books that we own. Some of the books I like, others not so much. Then there are a few that are just amazing, and those tend to be the ones that were written and published years before I was even born. I am unsure why those older books are so captivating, but they are. Dylan seems to enjoy them too, and for … Continue reading

Miley Cyrus’ Super Sweet 16

Did you really think that teen queen Miley Cyrus wouldn’t have a blowout bash to mark her 16th year of life? After all, she is competing with far less famous teens featured on MTV’s “Super Sweet 16” and she wouldn’t want a virtual nobody to out do her momentous milestone, right? That’s my thinking anyway when I learned what the “Hannah Montana” star has planned to ring in the big 1-6. For starters, in October Cyrus’ bosses at Disney plan to shut down Disneyland so the birthday girl can “go wild on all the crazy rides” without having to wait … Continue reading

Toy Story (1995)

What if toys came to life when their owners’ backs were turned? What if they had lives of their own that they lived while their owners were at school or asleep? This is the premise of the hit Pixar film, “Toy Story.” Andy is an imaginative little boy who loves cowboys. His favorite toy is a Woody doll, a cowboy dressed in a vest and hat. Andy has a cowboy bedspread, cowboy posters on his walls, and he spends most of his playtime pretending that Woody (voiced by Tom Hanks) is a sheriff who saves all the other toys from … Continue reading