Why Kids and Smartphones Don’t Mix

No one said using a smartphone is a sure-fire way to avoid making stupid mistakes. I’ve covered the not-so wonderful side of technology in previous posts.  However, this latest gem goes beyond falling down manholes or setting expensive texting records. If you are a parent, you now have another reason to safeguard your smartphone when your kids are around. Paul Stoute is living proof that protecting your cellphone from little fingers is one of the smartest parenting moves you can make. The Oregon dad is the new owner of a vintage car, thanks to his toddler daughter’s cellphone skills. Or, … Continue reading

Why I Don’t Hate Caillou

Since we have been indoors much more than we have wanted to be for a few months now, I have become more acquainted with what’s on TV. While we don’t watch a whole lot of television, most days we do watch a show or two on PBS. Sometimes, it’s This Old House or a cooking show, other times it’s Sesame Street, Sid The Science Kid, or Caillou. Yes, Caillou. My three year old absolutely adores that show, and I really don’t mind it either. For some reason, though, it seems as if a whole slew of other parents absolutely despise it. … Continue reading

Why Do Companies Offer Health Insurance to Employees?

There are plenty of companies that offer (at least some) of their workers an employer sponsored health insurance plan. Many have been doing so for decades. Why? It turns out that there are certain benefits that employers receive as a result of having insured workers. In the news lately, there have been some companies that openly stated that they will not be offering their workers an employer sponsored ealth plan. Right now, the majority of Americans who have health insurance coverage are able to afford it because it comes to them through their employer. It can be somewhat shocking to … Continue reading

Pilot Program at Olive Garden and Red Lobster Ends

Darden, the parent company of Olive Garden and Red Lobster has decided to end its pilot program. The program cut worker’s hours down to 28 hours. The purpose was so Darden could refuse to offer workers an employer sponsored health plan. Public outcry seems to have influenced the company’s decision to end the pilot program. In October of 2012, Darden Restaurants, the parent company of Olive Garden, Red Lobster, (and others), announced that they would be implementing a pilot program. The pilot program would take place in some, but not all, restaurants. The “select number” of restaurants that were part … Continue reading

What is that Weird Tape on Some Olympic Athletes

I first noticed it on one of the Chinese synchronized divers, a couple of strips of bright blue align=”left” tape in two lines down her back. Did she have an injury? Was the tape a sort of rebellious fashion statement or a good luck charm? Was it some sort of pre-olympic ritual? I was curious but let it go. Then, the tape started popping up on other athletes. The German volley ball player with all sorts of thin weird stripes down her abdomen, and then, an American, Kerri Walsh Jennings, the beach volley ball star, had some on her shoulder. … Continue reading

One Out of Four Americans is Uninsured

A recent study done by the Commonwealth Fund found that one out of every four Americans went completely without health insurance at some point in 2011. The reason for the lack of insurance comes from unemployment or due to a change in job. This is something to keep in mind as we wait to see what the Supreme Court decides about the Affordable Care Act. The Commonwealth Fund is a private foundation. Its focus is to promote a high preforming health care system. They want to see the current American health care system to have better access and quality and … Continue reading

Insurance Blog Week In Review – April 8 – 14, 2012

What did you miss this week? The Insurance Blog Week in Review is an excellent way to “ketchup” on everything that hit the blog in the past seven days. There can be anywhere between twelve and fourteen different blogs that appear, and it is easy to accidentally miss something that you wanted to read. Green Tree Offer Homeowners and Flood Insurance All in One Most homeowners insurance policies do not cover flooding. For that, you need to purchase a separate flood insurance policy. Green Tree Insurance offers a combined homeowners and flood insurance policy. The Insurance Podcast Roundup went up … Continue reading

Why Some Choose Higher Priced Health Insurance

When it comes to health insurance, the majority of people are looking for the most inexpensive plan that they can find. However, a survey of health insurance agents shows that there are times when a consumer wants a higher priced health insurance plan. Why do they want to pay more? The answers to that question are interesting. A study called “2012 Survey of Agent-Carrier Relationships” was recently conducted. It was sponsored by Insurance Journal. It was conducted by Channel Harvest (which is a partnership between Aartrijk and Campbell Communications). The survey asked over 1,500 insurance agents 90 separate questions. I … Continue reading

Insurance Blog Week in Review – Week of March 12 – 17, 2012

The Insurance Blog will get anywhere between twelve and fourteen different blogs added to it each week. It can be hard to keep up with them all. The Insurance Blog Week in Review is a great way to “ketchup” on whatever you missed. This week has a lot about my own, personal, attempts to find affordable health insurance. ABS Insurance has Tips for St. Patrick’s Day ABS has a few tips that can help you avoid having to make a car insurance claim on St. Patrick’s Day. Their advice would be helpful for pretty much any holiday that includes a … Continue reading

United States Senate Kills the Blunt Amendment

This week, the Senate had the opportunity to cast a vote about the Blunt amendment. The Senate voted to kill this amendment, which means that it will not be allowed to take effect. This is wonderful news for everyone who has employer sponsored health insurance, or who hopes to have it, someday. The Blunt amendment that was proposed by Senator Roy Blunt, (who is a Republican from Missouri). This particular proposal was attached, or amended to, a bill that was about funding for highways. The Blunt amendment had absolutely nothing to do with funding for highways, though. Instead, it was … Continue reading