Baby Center’s 15 Best Baby Products of 2012

If you are in the process of planning your baby registry, you may want to take note that BabyCenter has released its list of the top fifteen baby products of 2012, as chosen by moms. Who better to offer real life feedback on what works (and doesn’t work) for babies and their parents, and, perhaps more importantly, why. Since parenting is such an individual thing, it only makes sense that there are many products out there to address the needs of different parents with different lifestyles. Of course, it makes it a little harder to pinpoint which products will work … Continue reading

Who is Rachel Carson and Why Should We Care?

Personally, I had never heard of Rachel Carson until about a month ago. I was reading The Week (an excellent news magazine that I highly recommend) and there are always two book reviews in each issue. One was for “On a Farther Shore: The Life and Legacy of Rachel Carson.“ (This image or recording is the work of a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service employee, taken or made during the course of an employee’s official duties. As a work of the U.S. federal government, the image is in the public domain.) In the review, I learned that Carson was a … Continue reading

Breast Cancer Awareness

October is breast cancer awareness month. As a single mother it is so important to take care of your health. Your children are depending on you to be healthy for them. Of course there are times when things happen that are completely out of your control. You can be eating right, exercising, doing all the right things and still end up with this life threatening disease. The important thing is that you are doing routine self exams and annual mammograms so that you can catch it early on. We all know that mammograms aren’t very fun. They are painful and … Continue reading

Why Princes Should Marry Commoners

Prince William, obviously, belongs to a well established Royal Family. His bride to be, Kate Middleton, does not come from royalty at all. One could say that Kate is a commoner. There are those who feel that the marriage between a person of royalty, and a person who is not from a royal family, will diminish the public image of the royal family. However, from a genetic perspective, this can only strengthen their future family line. Many genealogists will put together a medical family history. This is because there are a lot of diseases, disorders, and conditions that are genetically … Continue reading

The Best Investment You Can Make

One of the best investments you can make with regard to food is an upright freezer. It may not be cheap initially but over many years it will save you time and money. The freezer makes it possible to buy in bulk. If a side of beef or lamb or pork, is too much you can by a hind or a forequarter. Or you can arrange with a relative or friends to share win the cost of a side and split it between you. For years when we had family at home, we found it an inexpensive way to have … Continue reading

Why Dad is Important in Weaning

You’ve made the decision to wean your baby. But weaning isn’t always easy to do. Dad can play a very important part in the process and help make the transition away from mother’s milk smooth and easy for both baby and mom. Here is how dad can help. Successful weaning can depend on two strategical techniques. One is distraction away from the breast and the other is substitution of other forms of emotional nourishment. Breast feeding provides both nutrition and emotional comfort. You need to address how you will handle both when you wean. Here is where dad can really … Continue reading

Parental No-No: Breastfeeding While Driving

Parents are supposed to make decisions based on what is in the best interest of their children. Unfortunately, “best interest” is open to interpretation and often results in some bizarre true-life stories. Take the recent arrest of Genine Compton. The mother from Dayton, Ohio made front-page news last week for breastfeeding her daughter while driving her other children to school. No joke. Supermom was multitasking behind the wheel of her minivan when she was pulled over by police. According to authorities, Compton was not only breastfeeding her infant while driving, she was also talking on her cellphone while simultaneously yelling … Continue reading

The Best Exercises to Burn Major Calories

If you are a busy parent, who spends his or her day in a chaotic hurricane cooking, cleaning, changing diapers, and carting kids to and from school then finding the most efficient and effective exercises is critical. So, which cardio exercises burn the most calories? Fitness experts say the answer is not exactly as clear cut as most people think. When it comes to cardio training there are two major categories: “Slow and Steady” and “High Intensity.” The former consists of low intensity exercises that help preserve your joints and are done for roughly 60 minutes at a time. In … Continue reading

One Breast Gives More Milk than the Other: Is This Normal?

Is it normal to have one breast produce more milk than the other? How can you tell? And, does this output of milk ever change? Here are some answers. First, let me assure you that as long as you have established a good nursing relationship with your baby, you will produce as much milk as your baby needs. Your baby won’t suddenly starve if you have been producing milk and nursing successfully. Second, you should know that yes, it is perfectly normal for one breast to produce more milk than the other breast. Why does this happen? Well, I personally … Continue reading

Why Passengers Don’t Mind Being Delayed in Hong Kong

No one likes to be stuck in an airport when they should be somewhere over the Pacific. But according to a recent survey, if you have to be delayed anywhere, it’s best to be held up at the Hong Kong International Airport. For the seventh year in a row, the massive airport was ranked the best by millions of passengers around the world. Visitors chose the Hong Kong International Airport over 190 others in an annual survey conducted by Skytrax, a privately owned research company. The London-based firm reportedly collected more than 8 million questionnaires from travelers flying into and … Continue reading