How to Prevent Your Baby from Developing Scurvy

It is not often that you hear of someone developing scurvy in today’s world. Scurvy was once a disease that afflicted pirates and explorers in the 18th century. That doesn’t mean that people no longer catch this (now rare) disease. A baby in Spain was diagnosed with scurvy. How can you prevent your baby from developing this disease? A study was published in the journal Pediatrics that parents should take note of. Researchers found that a baby in Spain had developed scurvy, and set out to find out how that happened. In short, they determined that it was due to … Continue reading

Study: Milk Consumption Associated With Bone Fractures

A study found that milk doesn’t do the body as good as you may have been led to believe. This doesn’t mean you should stop consuming milk. It means you should be aware of current findings about milk, health, and nutrition. A study called “Milk and Mortality” was published in the British Medical Journal in October of 2014. It used data from two large, long-term Swedish studies of adult men and women. The people in the study were asked about how much and what kinds of milk and dairy products they consumed. The study was led by Uppsala University professor … Continue reading

Tips and Tricks for a Healthy Mommy

Taking care of your children when you are sick can be more than challenging as a single parent. There’s no one there to take care of the kids while you are stuck in bed. You have no choice but to do it yourself. While getting sick is inevitable, here are some tips and tricks to keep it from happening quite as often. Start with cutting down on your stress load. The more stressed you are the more susceptible you are to illness. As a single parent this may seem nearly impossible since you are doing the work of two, but … Continue reading

Chocolate Covered Almonds: A miracle of taste and health!

When I get on a kick I keep kicking. Currently I am on an almond kick. After reading about all the health benefits of almonds I am determined to find almond alternatives to my snacking and meals. I have spoken many times about my love for snacking and my quest to find healthy tasty snacks. I have found quite a few and now to add to my list is Blue Diamond Chocolate Covered Almonds. Why Almonds? Almonds are very healthy for you containing rich sources of: *vitamin E *calcium *iron *magnesium In addition almonds contain zinc, niacin, copper, and selenium. … Continue reading

Tinnitus Hope?

I have always loved music and I love to have it loud. Back when I was younger, it was a matter of just liking it loud. Nowadays, it is more a matter of not being able to hear it. Yes, apparently all those years of loud music and even louder concerts have taken their toll on my rapidly aging ears and given me tinnitus. Tinnitus (I like to call it Pete Townshenditus because The Who guitarist suffers from it) is a ringing in the ears. It can be anywhere from slightly annoying to debilitating. It can be caused by loud … Continue reading

What Eating for Two Really Means

Food is huge! Pregnant women are especially at risk for incorrect or misinformed advice about how much they should be eating. Many expectant mothers are given the impression that they should eat twice as much or whatever they feel like eating. While I was pregnant with our son people would make comments like, “I’m so jealous, you can eat whatever you want” or “You’re eating for two so go ahead take twice as much (insert food here)” This notion is not only misleading to the changes a pregnant woman should make to her diet (if she’s not already eating healthy), … Continue reading

Avocados: The Perfect Baby Food

New parents probably receive a lot of conflicting advice when it comes to starting their babies on solids. Some say that, as soon as your baby starts reaching for your food, it means he is ready to eat it. (Does that mean that when my baby reaches for a bottle of beer, he’s ready for that, too?) Others claim that, if your baby doesn’t sleep through the night, adding solids to her diet will help her to sleep longer. (I’d like to find some of those people and make them explain to me why my daughter woke up to nurse … Continue reading

Why Don’t We Talk About Perimenopause?

Why don’t we talk about perimenopause? Women talk a great deal about menopause. Menopause has been the butt of jokes for years. We associate hot flashes and mood swings with menopause, however, little is said about the stage preceding menopause which is perimenopause. Some of the same symptoms that are experienced in menopause can also occur in perimenopause. Perimenopause is the transition stage before menopause hits. It can last anywhere from two to ten years before menopause takes full effect and the menstrual period ceases. The average duration of perimenopause is six years so it’s obviously an important stage in … Continue reading

Get your Daily Dose of Vitamin D

I don’t give my daughter the liquid vitamin supplement that many pediatricians recommend. I’m always in favor of doing less – less vaccines, less medicine, less supplements. To be honest, I don’t think my breast milk needs any supplementing. I take plenty of vitamin D, and I eat a healthy diet. I know that people say vitamin D doesn’t pass through breast milk, but I have hard time believing that alcohol passes through, eating lots of broccoli can make her gassy, but vitamin D won’t get into my milk. Anyways, none of these random thoughts are the main reason I’m … Continue reading

Sweetly Good For You

Cranberries have become my husband’s and my new favorite fruit. The best thing is that they’re not only tasty but they’re good for you as well. Cranberries have long been known to be good for urinary tract infections but they also contain vitamin C and antioxidants. If that’s not enough, experts have discovered they can have an anti inflammatory effect and are good for fighting infection and can help with cholesterol problems. They are also good for your heart and can help prevent kidney stones. Sound like a wonder food, don’t they? They are. I’ve found them a helpful way … Continue reading