Why I No Longer Buy Books

I no longer buy books. There I said it. People who know me may think I have been taken over by aliens, but it is true. I haven’t bought a book in a ver long time, and in fact, I have gotten rid of boxes and boxes of them. Despite this fact, I read several books a week. The only difference, is that I don’t pay a dime for the privilege. In fact, I actually save money, since I can utilize living space that was once taken up by bookshelves. My biggest source of free books is the library. I … Continue reading

Governor Jay Nixon Vetoes Law Denying Birth Control Coverage

The past few weeks have been filled with news about the way people are reacting to the Supreme Court’s decision about the Affordable Care Act. This doesn’t mean that the battle over birth control coverage has ended. In Missouri, Governor Jay Nixon has vetoed a law that would have been used to deny birth control coverage in health insurance. There are two opposing viewpoints. Many people, including President Barrack Obama and his administration, recognize that birth control is part of women’s health care. This is why coverage for birth control has been placed into the category of preventative care. The … Continue reading

Surrogacy in the LDS Church

I have close family members and friends that have struggled with infertility. Since I don’t struggle with these same issues, sometimes I feel like I have no right to comment about any of it. But, I know that this is an issue that affects many LDS families (and non-LDS families) around the world. I can only imagine that in a church like ours, whose focus is so much on the family, it can be especially hard to struggle with infertility. It is a righteous desire to want to have children. It is hard to understand why the Lord is not … Continue reading

Catholic Network Sues Federal Government Over Birth Control Coverage

A Roman Catholic television network has filed a lawsuit against the federal government. The lawsuit is in response to the requirement that religious oriented hospitals and universities must include coverage for birth control in their employer sponsored health insurance plans. The Catholic Church is opposed to most methods of birth control. EWTN Global Catholic Network is a television network that is based in the United States. It was launched in 1981. The letters stand for “Eternal Word Television Network”. Since its launch, ETWN Global Catholic Network has become the largest religious media network in the world. It transmits programing 24 … Continue reading

Should Children and Teens Be Forced to Attend Church?

If you are a church-going family, the odds are high that at some point you may deal with having a child who is no longer interested in attending. This can especially become a challenge when children reach their teenage years. So how do you handle that? Should you force your child or teen to go to church? Well there are two sides of logic when it comes to this issue. There is the side that believes forcing a teen to attend church will only turn them off more. Forcing an issue can sometimes make them more resistant. There is the … Continue reading

Why Part 4

After we decided that Christmas Eve with my in laws was getting us home too late for our traditions we asked my mother in law to move the time up and maybe do a brunch. Everyone is off on Christmas Eve so it seemed like a good compromise but it was not good for them. It seemed like every alternative we came up with just would not work so we just stopped going on Christmas Eve even every other year. WE started asking my in laws for a date that we could get together with them and do Christmas and … Continue reading

State Farm Stops Insuring Churches in Florida

State Farm of Florida has decided that it will no longer insure churches in Florida. This will leave more than 500 churches in the position of having to find new insurance coverage. State Farm of Florida is separate from State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance company. The reason why State Farm of Florida has decided not to renew the policies it has with more than 500 churches in Florida is simple. The insurer says that it wants to focus on serving as many homeowners as possible. To achieve this goal, the insurer needed to drop the types of coverage it was … Continue reading

What I Believe-Part 1, God and Jesus Christ

I’ve thought a lot about how to write this series of articles. I guess the idea came to me when I was writing another article, A Mormon for President? and debated about whether or not to post it on facebook. Many of my friends on facebook are friends from high school and other times in my life. I often share my blogs there that I have written. I wonder how many of those friends that aren’t Mormon wonder about what I truly believe. Maybe they were afraid to ask. Maybe they just assumed what had already been told to them … Continue reading

Can You Be a Christian and Not Go to Church?

Can you be a Christian and not go to church? It is something I have been thinking about, because I have not been to church for three weeks. However, in my defense I can say it is not by choice. The sprit is willing. Unfortunately the body is not. And I miss it. I miss leading the congregation in song. Thankfully God has provided others to step up in the interim and help out in that way. I miss hearing God’s Word preached and our pastor’s sermons. I miss hearing people praying for each other. It is often during those … Continue reading

Muslims Worship in LDS Church

As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, we should be the most tolerant people in the world. We know what it means to be like Christ. He loved everyone, no matter what their background. They were sinners, adulterers, haters, murderers, and He loved them. He loved those and forgave those that crucified Him. So, we have that perfect example. Why don’t we reach out more? Why don’t we take the time as LDS members of the church to get to know those people that are different than us. Serve them? One congregation in Missouri is setting … Continue reading