How Do You Feel about Your Progress?

Every-so-often my personal trainer asks me, “How do you feel about your progress so far?” Of course, this is my virtual trainer through a Wii program I use, but I still appreciate the question because it causes me to take a step back and really think about how far I have come and how far I have to go. Measuring progress will depend on your goals. Sometimes when I think about progress, I think about the weight I have lost. Other times I think about the changes in the way I feel about myself overall. Or even the amount of … Continue reading

What Do You Think of “Habit Heroes”?

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida has teamed up with Disney to create something new at Epcot Center. It is an attraction called “Habit Heroes”. The insurer feels it is a fun way to give kids information about making healthy choices. Critics say that Habit Heroes is harmful to the mental health of kids who are overweight or obese. Disney World has been called “the happiest place on earth”. Lots of kids dream of being able to take a family vacation to Disney World, (which often includes a visit to Epcot Center as well). A new, controversial, attraction at … Continue reading

Search WWII Records at for Free

Every so often, allows people who are not members to search through a small portion of the vast record collections that this popular website has to offer. Right now, you can have free access to their WWII Military Collections. This offer is good through December 7, 2011. is an incredibly useful website for genealogists to use. It has a huge amount of records for you to search through, and a simple to use interface. You can get a free trial for, so that you can explore it, and check out all it has to offer. The free … Continue reading

Over a Year Later Still Enjoying Wii Fit Plus

It has been more than a year since I purchased and began using my Wii Fit Plus. I remember at the time my oldest son thought it was stupid. How can you get fit using a balance board and some games on the television screen? I wasn’t sure at the time it was going to work either. After all, it was more fun than work to do many of the interactive activities. But as I began to create my own workout routines, I found it was actually more challenging that I thought. Here are the greatest benefits I have found … Continue reading

Don’t Give Up

The other day I blogged about falling off the fitness wagon, something I am sure many can relate to. I was so down about it and so afraid to step on my Wii balance board (my scale). I was sure it was going to show that I had completely demolished all of my hard work. I hadn’t weighed myself in almost two weeks and I didn’t anticipate anything good to come of it. Imagine my surprise when I saw that despite my fall, I had still lost a pound. How is that possible, I thought? Didn’t I completely fall back … Continue reading

Do Interactive Fitness Video Games Really Work?

When I first started using Wii Fit Plus, my oldest son asked if “that thing” really works. He thought it was kind of funny and not a true way to get healthy. I was convinced only because a good friend of mine had lost weight using it (along with changing her eating habits). Since I have been using it for several months now, I can definitely say that it works. How else do you explain the weight loss and inches I have taken off…or the increased energy and flexibility I have? I have been using it during the winter months … Continue reading

Free Movie Downloads

When we first got married we did not want to pay the cost for premium movie channels. We rented movies a lot instead. Back then Blockbuster video was the place to rent videos and the rental card we had earned rewards too. We have had premium movie channels off and on throughout our marriage. The original programming was always more entertaining than the movies offered. The best package we had was when we were with Verizon FiOS and had on-demand movies and television shows. My sister and I watched old movies all weekend the first time she visited us in … Continue reading

We Can Always Do Better

I remember eating lunch with a friend one time and I ordered a salad. Whether or not I am on a health kick, I always enjoy a good salad. I asked for extra dressing and while I didn’t exactly drown my salad, I had a healthy portion of it covering my greens. My friend made the comment that it did no good to have a salad if I was going to pour all that dressing on top of it. Well, I begged to differ. Wasn’t a salad with lots of dressing better than the juicy, bacon-laden, dripping with cheeseburger and … Continue reading

How many bags of flour do you need to lose?

Before I knew it, I gained a great bit of weight. I remember being discouraged at the prospect of losing fifteen pounds. After being underweight, then working out and getting into shape, it was a hard adjustment to have a baby and find myself fifteen pounds overweight. At time went on and I worked out less consistently and had three more kids, I continued to gain weight. A variety of factors played into my weight gain such as not watching what I eat, not working out, and my metabolism slowing down due to age and having babies. So, here I … Continue reading

We Can Get Fit with Wii: Part 2

JumpStart is a wonderful company that offers a variety of educational items for children. In fact, JumpStart is one of my favorite companies when it comes to educational games and products. Trusted by parents and educators for years, Jumpstart always provides quality and education in a fun and effective manner. Wii Nintendo, is another family company that has long since provided quality entertainment. Wii turned sitting and staring at a screen with a remote in your hand to getting up, laughing and playing with the whole family. Many who are not fans of video games, have changed their minds when … Continue reading