Allstate Insurance has Safe Winter Driving Tips

Were you “dreaming of a white Christmas”? Now that the holiday is over, and you have to start driving back and forth to work every day again, all that snow and ice doesn’t look quite so inviting. Allstate Insurance has some safe Winter driving tips for you. Their advice could help you avoid an accident and an auto insurance claim. Winter weather is serious! How extreme the weather will get depends on where you live. In California, I’m most likely to be dealing with a bit of rain. In many other parts of the country, however, people can expect to … Continue reading

Organizing a Smaller Kitchen

My husband recently started cleaning out a storage room in our basement, in which he found china and crystal. It was hard to recognize what the pieces were at first because they were covered in sawdust. Yes, they had been kept on a shelf in the same room my husband did some of his sawing in. While I wanted to wash and clean the pieces, I remembered that that we don’t have enough space in our kitchen to store it. That was the whole reason for these beautiful pieces to be stashed away for the past several years. And it’s … Continue reading

Itching For Spring

We have had such a mild winter that I’m already in spring cleaning mode. The fact that my daughter is getting married in May and we are having a bridal shower at my house in April may have something to do with it. Because I’m a procrastinator I spent some time on the internet looking for the fastest and easiest ways to deep clean my house. There were no magic tricks available but there was lots of advice. The first thing I read is when you set out to do a deep clean, make sure that is what you are … Continue reading

Affordable Winter Weekend Getaways

Are you looking for a way to chase away the winter blues? Maybe you just need an escape to cure a severe case of cabin fever. Regardless of the reason, the winter season can have you itching to jet-off to the sun, sand and surf. Unfortunately, if you are short on time and money a tropical getaway may not be possible. The good news is that there are a slew of other options available for those who only have the weekend to relax and unwind, including: Camping: There are nearly 400 National Parks in the United States, many of which … Continue reading

Winter Scrapbooking Sub-Themes

After I put the finishing touches on my holiday-themed memory books, I usually take a break from scrapbooking for a few weeks. January is typically a quiet month in our family. We celebrate very few birthdays and even fewer anniversaries during the first month of the year. However, since I am obligated to create a monthly layout for my Year in Review scrapbook, I still have to come up with at least one event to scrap. In years past I have crafted pages with photos of my daughter’s outdoor winter adventures, including skiing, sledding, ice skating, and snowman-building. So far … Continue reading

International Winter Fests

Why limit your winter outings to the local sledding hill when you can race down a 5,000-foot ski hill dressed as a witch? That’s just a sample of the weird and wacky fun waiting for you at several top-rated 2012 international winter festivals. If you are looking for some incredibly cool places to make the most of the coldest season of the year, consider traveling to the following: SCOTLAND You are in for a real treat for the senses when you head to the Shetland Islands in Scotland on the last Tuesday of January. That’s when locals host Up Helly … Continue reading

Affordable Winter Getaways

With parts of the country still digging out from nearly two feet of fresh snow, it’s no wonder flights to Florida are jam-packed. Why wouldn’t you want to escape to the sun, sand and surf instead of battling frozen sidewalks and brutal wind chills? Fortunately, there are places along Florida’s Gulf Coast that can accommodate even the tightest budgets. The trick to securing decent lodging this time of year without breaking the bank is to book early. According to Florida’s tourism experts, reasonable winter rates along the Sunshine State’s central Gulf Coast are available if you know where to look. … Continue reading

Plants That Flower In the Winter

Winter brings thoughts of snow, rain, and sleet. It might bring thoughts of giant branches crashing down, storms that knock the power out, and general mayhem in the garden and in your home. While winter is lovely and full of that white powder for skiing and other snow sports, you may not consider it to be lovely in the garden. But winter can be lovely in the garden, and it can be full of fragrance and small splashes of color. While it might seem odd that some plants flower in the winter, they do indeed, and I’m trying to invite … Continue reading

Burning Calories Inside this Winter

As the weather gets colder many begin to shut down and hibernate for the winter. The hibernation you put yourself in can lead to a very overweight spring. It is important to stay active all year long regardless of the weather otherwise your consumed calories will sneak up on you. I have a tendency to stay indoors and home more during the winter months. Staying home has never been good for the size of my hips. To combat that I had to find ways to stay active indoors during those cold gray months. Activities to Keep You Moving During the … Continue reading

Kitchen Storage Cleaning Tips

Each and every time I place Tupperware or other plastic food storage containers in the dishwasher, I am met with disastrous results. Consequently, I have taken to hand washing all of my containers, even the higher quality ones that are made from hard plastic and resist stains. The main problem with placing plastic food storage containers in the dishwasher is that they warp to the point where you cannot get the lids to secure onto the bottoms. Now, I clean the containers with a mixture of water, vinegar, ammonia and baking soda. For containers with tough spaghetti sauce stains I … Continue reading