Inspiring Words from Unlikely Places

Sometimes inspiring words come from the most unlikely places. This morning I was reading a post on the Sydney Swans Football site. For those of you who know me well, you will know I have a passion for my red and white footy team. One of the co-captains made a speech at the presentation of the jerseys that impressed me. A lot of what he said could actually be applied to marriage. When I said to Mick I was going to use it as a blog post for marriage he said. ’ I can see why.’ So here are my … Continue reading

Using Encouragement to Motivate Your Teen

When my children were younger one of the parenting concepts I tried to follow was to catch your child doing good and give them recognition for that. This was especially helpful during the years when my children were around 2, 4 and 7 years old. Now that I have a preteen and teenagers, I am finding that parenting concept to be helpful yet again. It probably isn’t really this way but it sometimes feels like there is always something going on. There is always some issue with at least one of my children. Having two children in middle school and … Continue reading

The Right Words

‘A friend understands what you’re trying to say … even when your thoughts aren’t fitting into words,’ says Ann D Parrish. While that may be true at times, we shouldn’t expect our friend to always be able to do this. Certainly we shouldn’t expect our spouse to always know what we’re thinking or feeling. Words are given to us for a reason. So we can use them. If you’re not happy about something your spouse is doing, if your marriage seems to have hit a bit of a brick wall, if your relationship has stalled, then don’t just expect your … Continue reading

Encouragement for Struggling Readers

Recently I have been discussing the ways that teachers can knock out the excuses that students give on why they do not enjoy reading. There are several little things that teachers can do to help encourage students to read. Many students are not completely against reading. They feel that they are not good at it so they simply give up on reading. Teachers can help students in this situation by giving them hope to be a better reader. Taking reading tests of any type can be very stressful for students who struggle in reading. Before administering these types of tests … Continue reading

Sometimes, Encouragement is the Best You Can Offer

As parents, it seems to be in our nature to want to do something tangible to help our children. The tougher the time they are having, the more we may want to jump in and save the day or at least ease some of their discomfort. It can be incredibly frustrating to stand by and not do anything at all. I find, however, that there is generally always something we can do—even if the best we can do is offer empathy, understanding and encouragement… It may feel like you are doing very little but there are times (increasingly more as … Continue reading

Words of Encouragement

Since moving and after getting my arm out of plaster, I have joined tennis club. Being competitive by nature, I am pleased that the people in this tennis club are all players of a good standard, who enjoy the strategy and competitiveness of tennis. It may be social but everyone is out on the court to win the game. That’s not to say that it is not carried on in an attitude of sportsmanship and friendliness. It is common for those on the opposite side of the net to acknowledge a good shot and offer words of encouragement. Today on … Continue reading

Family Home Evening: Kind Words

This week’s family home evening lesson is about the words that you use. To learn more about this topic you can read “The Tongue of Angels” by Jeffrey R Holland. This lesson is going to focus primarily on the words that you say to others. You can also discuss the tone of voice that people use. If you feel that you need to broaden the lesson you can talk about actions and being kind to each other. You can open the lesson by reading Matthew 5:11. Discuss with your children what the scripture means. Ask your children about what their … Continue reading

Your Words

Have you thought about how many times a day you use words? I have a two-year-old and I am constantly encouraging him to use his words, instead of screaming or acting out. Language is wonderful, because it allows us to express ourselves. We can convey what has happened and share our thoughts and feelings. They way you use your words really reflects the type of person that you are. Have you considered the words that you use to discuss things? Do you consider yourself someone who is completely free of gossip? Are you careful in sharing opinions that may cause … Continue reading

The Words

The words. The words of the songs I sing each Sunday in my worship of the Lord, the Creator of the universe. The words. Do the words I sing matter? Do I know what words I am singing? Do I really need to understand the meaning of all those words? Do I really need to understand the meaning of what I am singing? Does it really matter if I am paying attention to the words that are coming off my lips? I strongly believe that the words of the songs I sing in worship matter. It is important that the … Continue reading

Encouragement For Moms

Last night I watched the show Super Nanny. My heart broke for the family that was portrayed. There was a mom, dad, four-year-old twin girls and a three-year-old Autistic boy. In the beginning, it became clear that the mom was frazzled and didn’t understand how much her children needed her. She was constantly shewing her children away. She admitted that she felt like a failure as a mother and that she had quit trying. I wished I could morph through the television to give her a big hug and tell her not to give up. Thankfully Super Nanny and an … Continue reading