Disney Park Secrets: Working the Front Gate

Any Disney fan has wondered this at some point in his or her life: what would it be like to work at Disney? Be it for the movie division, at the parks, as an Imagineer, or even just in a Disney store, surrounded by the characters we grew up with, we’ve probably all thought about it at some point. So it’s fun to hear about what it could be like to work at the Happiest Place on Earth (or its East Coast sibling). Internet news/interest site Reddit has a feature called “Ask Me Anything,” wherein people, anyone from “Avengers” director … Continue reading


Being a parent is hard work. While I imagine it never really gets easier (but only changes as children grow up) there are certain blessings to be found in the present if we look hard enough. I’m not saying I don’t like being a father (I love it!) and I’m not saying that our son is an annoying pest (he isn’t) but I am saying that sometimes you just feel overwhelmed. I never realized how much work I should have been doing with all of the time I had until our son showed me how long it took to read … Continue reading

Meet a Families.com Blogger – Lisa Pietsch!

As the former Community Manager, Lisa was the first person I met when I became acquainted with Families.com, and has become a good friend. Lisa, how fun to interview you today! How long have you blogged for Families.com? I’ve been with Families.com since September 26th, 2005. I believe we had about twenty-six members back then. When management announced they would be hiring bloggers, I applied for the topics of Food, Weight Loss and Disney. When they launched the blogs here in early December 2005, they hired me for all three topics as well as the position of Community Manager. Eventually, … Continue reading

The Benefits of Working for “The Mouse”

I thoroughly enjoyed my time working at Walt Disney World in Florida. In fact, I’d have to say it was one of the very best jobs I’d ever had. Disney employees are never referred to as employees. Everyone who receives a paycheck from the Disney Company is a Cast Member. Whether you are working behind the scenes or in front of crowds of Disney enthusiasts, you are a cast member. Every person who works for the mouse is there to make your Disney experience the best it can possibly be and chances are, you will only see about 10% of … Continue reading

Why am I Writing this Disney Blog?

I’m a former employee of Walt Disney World in Florida. After going through the casting process, I found a great job at Walt Disney World’s Central Reservations Office. It wasn’t nearly as glamorous as playing Cinderella in the Magic Kingdom, in fact, it was considered a “backstage” position, but it was a fantastic job nonetheless! Part of my training involved touring all of the resorts/hotels on the Disney property from basic rooms to concierge level suites, exploring the vast and amazing underground and “backstage” areas, and doing considerable “off duty” research on the Walt Disney World Parks. The off duty … Continue reading

A Blogging Mouseketeer

Working for Disney has long been a secret wish of mine, although I must confess that blogging wasn’t actually on the list of things I could do there! My real big dream job has probably now been replaced by technological advancements, which means that the animated movies are now in the hands of graphics geeks rather than old fashioned artists, so there’s probably not much call for someone to do the cell coloring anymore. A number of years back, to my great joy, I visited Disney’s MGM Studios on a day they were offering small classes in drawing Disney characters … Continue reading

What I Wouldn’t Do If I Were Rich

Guess who didn’t win last week’s $590.5 million Powerball jackpot? That’s right. I also didn’t win the subsequent jackpot worth a mere $20 million despite there being a zillion fewer people buying tickets. Because why play when the prize is only 20 million? Clearly, I don’t subscribe to that line of thinking, but I highly encourage the rest of the world to do so, as I need all the help I can get to bolster my odds of winning. I’m a working parent, after all. A very not rich mom who will likely die without ever being able to afford … Continue reading

Splat Says Thank You!

How do you know if your child understands the true meaning of Thanksgiving? Before digging into their Turkey Day spread, many families go around the dinner table and share moments of gratitude. Kids are then put on the spot and forced to share one thing they are thankful for while a gaggle of extended guests stare them down. The end result: Typically, a long stretch of silence followed by a string of “ums,” “ers,” “ahs,” and more silence. If you are lucky, you’ll hear a barely audible, “toys” or a regurgitation of whatever the person ahead of your shy child … Continue reading

The High Price of Summer Vacation

Can you really afford to take a dream vacation this summer? In some parts of the country, kids are still in school and parents are busy crunching numbers to see if a family escape to the beach, mountains or theme park is financially feasible. Unfortunately, it seems the travel industry is working against frugal families this summer. Especially the ones who enjoy the mega thrills and chills found at popular amusement parks. Look at Universal Orlando. The Florida theme park just raised its single-day, single-park ticket price to $88. The park’s attractions may be friendly, but the price of admission … Continue reading

New FastPass Technology Tested at Disney World

Disney World’s always trying to improve, and one of the big complaints many guests have, at least at certain times of year, is the long lines for rides. That’s why the FastPass system exists: it allows Disney World to offer interested guests shorter wait times while making money off the idea. As part of their constant quest for improvement Disney World is trying to upgrade their FastPass system, according to The Disney Blog. They’re currently testing the next generation of the queue-jumping arrangement in the Magic Kingdom, and it involves RFID. RFID stands for radio-frequency identification, the process of using … Continue reading