Microsoft Introduced Microsoft Edge Kids Mode

Microsoft introduced Microsoft Edge Kids Mode. It is described as: “a safer space for your child to discover the web”. There is an easy tutorial provided for parents who want to use Kids Mode. Microsoft provided an explanation about why they created a Kids Mode: Our research tells us that about 50% of U.S. parents are impacted by what we call the “hand-off scenario.” This is that all too familiar situation of letting your child access the web from a shared device when you’re working, making dinner, picking up scattered toys, or doing any of the million things parents do … Continue reading

YouTube Introduces YouTube Kids App Profiles

YouTube started rolling out Kid Profiles on November 2, 2017. The purpose is to have a kid-safe YouTube Kids account that your child can use to access kid-friendly content. It also means that parents won’t have to share their YouTube account with their children anymore. YouTube explains the decision to create Kid Profiles this way: “After talking to parents all over, we know that kids who love the YouTube Kids app are getting older and want a platform that’ll grow with them. Whether kids are watching Monster High, DC Kids, LEGO, learning their ABCs, or picking up the latest tricks … Continue reading

Re-Evaluating your Family Media Boundaries this Summer

While driving on a trip or around town do you find yourself yelling, “Look up! Baby cows, or bald eagle!” or pointing out some other exciting view out the window? The goal is for your kids to disengage and not miss the world passing them by. Take time this week to sit down and make a plan for your family digital diet.  For everyone.  In 2015 we struggle with all the media options we have starting at a very young age.  Take the time to set boundaries for this diet to keep your life balanced. Look for our upcoming series … Continue reading

Kids Today Aren’t Assigned Chores

Do you require your children to do chores? I don’t mean the occasional request to help with a little bit of cleaning. Instead, I mean regularly assigned tasks that you expect your child to complete on a daily or weekly basis. It appears that the majority of parents today are not assigning chores to their children. A survey conducted by Whirlpool found that 82% of Americans did chores when they were children. That same survey found that only 28% of parents today are assigning their children chores. What changed between today and when the current generation of parents were kids? … Continue reading

Swapdom Lets you Swap Kids Clothes with other Parents

Are you looking for used baby items? The traditional way to find them is to ask your friends and neighbors if they are willing to give you the baby items that their children have grown out of. This method is generally “hit or miss” and requires a bit of networking skills. offers a more efficient method for finding free baby items. There are many different methods that a parent can use if he or she is looking for free baby clothing (and other baby items). You could let your family members, friends, and co-workers know that you are in … Continue reading

Getting Fit without the Gym

I’m looking forward to school being out for all sorts of reasons, such as having time for daily adventures with the kids. I am also looking forward to school being out so I can get back to my morning walking/running group. Each morning, the group meets at 6am and walks or runs until about 7:30. One my oldest hit middle school (sixth grade here), I had to drop out due to his earlier start time. Once school is out, he can sleep in and I can go work out. Fitness groups are free, and working out with someone else often … Continue reading

Don’t Forget to Take Care of Yourself

As a mother it is natural to put our children’s needs above our own. While there is nothing wrong with this, it is important to remember to take care of your needs as well. Your kids need a healthy mommy to take care of them, which means like it or not, you can’t push your needs aside anymore. You have to take care of yourself, so you are still around to take care of them in the future. As a woman yearly exams are crucial. It doesn’t matter how old you are, how healthy you think you may be, there’s … Continue reading

Protecting Your Children from Online Scammers

We live in an age driven by technology. Children are more technologically advanced than ever before. My four year old is no exception. He can work an Ipad much better than I can. He knows how to get into all his favorite games, how to get to the Dinsey Channel, and just about anything else he sets his mind to. I think kids these days are just born that way. While technology can be an amazing educational tool for our children, it can also be a very dangerous place, as we all know. More and more predators are out there … Continue reading

The Life of a Working Single Mother

The life of a single mother is packed. Her mornings are spent running around like mad trying to get all the kids ready for school, packing lunches, pouring cereal, gathering things for work, making sure the kids got their homework done, then rushing to get them to the bus on time, and if she’s lucky she may even get out the door in time for work. She spends the day slaving away at her job, then comes home to make dinner, help the kids with homework, do the dishes, get the kids bathed and ready for bed, stories, and finally … Continue reading

8 Things Kids Need to Know about Money

It is never too early to start teaching your children about money. While many parents shy away from discussing financial issues with their kids, this can be one of the biggest mistakes that they make. Instilling good habits and a basic understanding about how finances work can give your child an edge that will stay with him or her for a lifetime. 1. There is a difference between the things that you want and the things that you need. Wants versus needs can be a tough concept for kids to understand, but teaching them that real necessities must be met … Continue reading