Worried About Your Kids Sexting?

You’d think that with all of the conversations and warnings going on about sexting, that kids would be less likely to do it and parents would be more aware of what they are doing. (read Sexting: Harmful or Harmless?) Still, Sexting numbers have gone through the roof. In fact, one third of young people have engaged in sexting. The result is bullying, sexual harassment, and often suicide. As bad as sexting is, the torture that follows it is worse. This is why it is in the parents best interest to take steps to prevent teenagers for engaging in sexting. There … Continue reading

Technology: If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em

When it comes to technology and teenagers I have decided that if you can’t beat ‘em, then join ‘em. I know that some parents feel very strongly about the advances in technology and that they are messing some kids up. Not only are there the bigger issues with the dangers that can be found in technology (pedophiles accessing our children, sexting, and so on) but there are other smaller concerns that are just as important. Some critics of technology feel that our children are lacking in social skills because there is less face-to-face interacting and more technological interacting. Some teachers … Continue reading

Do Our Teens Have it Too Easy?

We had to wash dishes by hand. They have dishwashers that they won’t even load without a fight. We typed our term papers by hand and used white out. They use laptops and can create flawless papers with a little effort. We had to work with teachers after school if we didn’t understand a concept. They can use Google and Wikipedia as their tutors. We carried nickels and dimes so we could call home in case of an emergency, if we could find a payphone. They can connect to us and their friends instantly with their cell phones. We had … Continue reading