Are You Uncomfortable Being Frugal?

Whenever a lot of money is being spent, I tend to be uncomfortable, even if I am not the one doing the spending. Just hearing about lavish consumption kind of creeps me out. I keep wondering about the mortgage on the friend of a friend’s McMansion or how I could apply the cost of someone’s lavish vacation to building up our retirement fund. I don’t know how to react when friends give their toddlers spa days or I am invited to jewelry parties, or when the suggested contribution to the teacher’s or pastor’s gift is three figures (nothing against our … Continue reading

Too Much Clutter? Why It Could Be Costing You

I love January because it is my best time for de-cluttering and organizing my home and getting a fresh start. The colder weather keeps us in doors more, so not only do we notice more clutter, but we have the time to actually do something about it. Weekends are perfect for major de-cluttering and organizing sessions, but I try to fit in at least 15-30 minutes a day, each day, during the week, in order to make some real progress on our clutter. A few days ago, I attacked my food pantries. Yesterday, I started following Peter Walsh’s 31-day challenge … Continue reading

Disney Buys Lucasfilm, Now Owns Star Wars

This is probably the hugest and craziest Disney news story I’ve ever heard, and possibly ever will, I can’t think of anything bigger: this week, Walt Disney Company announced that it is buying Lucasfilm for about $4 billion dollars. That’s right: Disney will own Star Wars. The news is entirely shocking. In the past year George Lucas has announced his intention to retire from film making, or at least big-budget film making, instead focusing on smaller projects. But no one expected him to sell his company (Lucas is the sole owner), and certainly not to Disney. When one thinks about … Continue reading

How Much Would You Spend on a Moonbounce Birthday Party?

My seven-year-old daughter, or miss popular as we like to call her, has been invited to a number of fun birthday parties, everything from a hip hop dance party to a rock-climbing party. Her own birthday is coming up, and she wants a cupcake-moonbounce-girlie party for all of her friends, whatever that means. The moonbounce idea was actually her father’s, who thought renting a moonbounce might be fun for the kids. I agree that it would be, but unfortunately, since her birthday is in November (and we live in an area that has dramatic changes in seasons), it will be … Continue reading

Three Potential Buyers for

It seems that is still talking with potential buyers, even after asking for a higher bidding price just a few days ago. Nothing is set in stone, as of yet, and no final decision has been made. However, it does seem that is still interested in going through with a sale of itself. Right now, is a public company. According to Investopedia, a public company is one that “has issued securities through an initial public offering (IPO), and is traded on at least one stock exchange or in the over the counter market”. In other words, this … Continue reading

Baby Buying On A Budget

Now that you are pregnant, you are probably thinking about what you will need to have on hand to take care of your baby’s needs once you bring him home. If you are on a tight budget, you may wonder if you will be able to meet all of baby’s needs because there is so much advertising out there that could lead a person to believe that they need to buy many different items in order to be ready to care for their new arrival. The truth is that babies, especially brand new ones, need very little in the way … Continue reading

If I Had 540 Million Dollars…

How am I supposed to win the world’s largest lottery jackpot if y’all keep buying tickets? Stop buying tickets. No, I don’t typically channel Paula Deen on a daily basis, and no, I don’t think I have a chance in you know what of winning $540 million. So why am I headed to the store later today to purchase five more Mega Millions tickets? Like the rest of you, I like to dream big. You don’t have to be a math whiz to know the more tickets you buy, the better your chances of winning. Currently, the odds of walking … Continue reading

Mattel Will Make a Bald “Fashion Doll” for Kids With Cancer

Earlier this year, there was a campaign going on Facebook that was trying to convince Mattel to create a “Bald and Beautiful” Barbie. It would be for children who had cancer, and who lost their hair due to chemotherapy. Now, Mattel has announced that they will make a bald friend of Barbie. Earlier this year, someone created a Facebook page to request that Mattel, the company that makes Barbie, create a “Bald and Beautiful” Barbie. As I am writing this blog, the page has 151,998 “likes”. Why do they want to have Mattel make a bald Barbie? The Facebook page … Continue reading

Can You Have Too Much Money?

What would you do with $500 million? I would freak out if I stumbled upon $500, and by $500 I mean $50. Heck, I’d probably shed a tear if someone randomly handed me 5 bucks. Needless to say, the idea of possessing half a billion dollars is mind-boggling to me. Yet, I’m not letting that stop me from trying to win the $500 million Mega Millions jackpot. Tomorrow night someone could become $500 million dollars richer if he or she is able to nab all five winning Mega Millions lottery numbers plus the all-important Mega Ball number. You have to … Continue reading

Dollar Store Budget Busters

I love a good sale; however, to save money when buying discounted merchandise, you really have to exercise self-control. Lack of self-restraint is one of the biggest reasons many people overspend when they are shopping at a sale, or even a Dollar Store. Or in my case, especially a Dollar Store. I challenge anyone to walk into a Dollar Store with the intent to purchase a single item and not leave with a basket full of other junk. I fail every.single.time. Why is it that I can’t go into that store to buy one can of rug cleaner and leave … Continue reading