Frequently Asked Questions about Disney Parks Merchandise

The official Disney Parks blog recently published a helpful post for any fans of Disney merchandise: answers to the most frequently asked questions about shopping at the Disney parks.  If you like to collect all the unique swag that you can from the parks, this post is just for you.  Let’s look at the points. The first is that some merchandise is completely unique to the Disney Parks.  While the Disney Store and other affiliates do sell some pieces in locations all around the world, there are some things that you can only get if you’re in one of the … Continue reading

Check Out These Disney-Inspired Outfits

This season legendary jeweler Chopard has created a special Haute Joaillerie line just for Harrods of London, one inspired by Walt Disney Princesses.  The co-president and artistic director of Chopard, Caroline Scheufele, is quoted on as saying, ““The world of Walt Disney has often been an inspiration for a variety of Chopard [pieces]. I am very happy to have been given the opportunity to design the famous Princesses’ pieces of jewelry.” I’m not a fan of jewelry, I never have been.  I have no interest in wearing pieces myself.  But I think these are really pretty to look at, … Continue reading

Disney Launches New Baby Store

Disney really is after what it thinks is the hottest new market: infants. They’re negotiating to have a presence in maternity wards and creating advice and social networking sites aimed at new and expecting parents, and now they’re opening stores specifically for their Disney Baby brand. To avoid confusion: the Disney Baby brand is not a line of Disney products featuring child versions of its characters, but sets of clothing, supplies, toys, and more, all for infants. USA Today reports that Disney has opened its first official Disney Baby store. So far it only has one location – a mall … Continue reading

Disney Website for New and Expecting Parents

Remember Our365? I don’t expect you do. Almost a year ago I posted about how Disney had teamed up with the organization that helps companies market to expectant parents. Our365 can actually get its partner companies’ representatives into maternity wards to try to sell their wares. For all I know either the company or its partnership is now defunct. But Disney hasn’t stopped sniffing around its coveted new market. On Monday January 17 the House of Mouse launched Disney Baby works just like other sites in the Disney Go family, although strangely its URL doesn’t contain the word “go” … Continue reading

A Disney Lover’s Valentine Treat

I really didn’t think I’d have anything Disney-related to post about Valentine’s Day. I could report on the lists of special flower arrangements scattered around the Disney parks for the occasion, or perhaps I could find details on special Valentine’s menus offered at Disney restaurants. But honestly, neither of those things is enough for an article. Despite the insinuation with which I opened today’s blog, I haven’t really found a strong topic connecting Disney and Valentine’s Day. What I did discover, however, is the plethora of Disney gift cards available at The Disney Store online. Guess what: there are currently … Continue reading

“General Hospital” Book Debuts in April

I knew that Disney liked to publish books that tie-in with its other properties. Browsing the children’s section at any library or bookstore will reveal a plethora of titles sharing their names with popular Disney movies and television series. I’m sure that the young adult sections also contain titles continuing the adventures of popular Disney Channel characters for the teen set. But I never anticipated Disney publishing novels for adults based on figures from its non-branded channels. Then I read the news from Stitch Kingdom; that’s exactly what’s happening as the Disney-owned Hyperion Books plans to release a novel based … Continue reading

Disney World Bridal Studio Upgrade

It seems everything at Walt Disney World is getting a facelift these days. First come plans for a major Fantasyland expansion, and next we hear that popular destination for Disney fan couples Franck’s Bridal Studio has undergone a technological renovation. Stitch Kingdom reports that Disney’s one-stop shop for weddings has added two new planning rooms, updated its furnishings, and most importantly, upgraded its technological capabilities. Before, couples would travel to the Franck’s in person to meet with their wedding planner to iron out all the details on their upcoming Disney-themed nuptials. While it’s still necessary for couples to meet with … Continue reading

Disney a Most Trusted Company

Last week I mentioned that Forbes Magazine named the Walt Disney Corporation as the world’s third most trusted company. I promised I’d elucidate the idea further. The parameters of the study, which was actually carried out by the Reputation Institute (a company which “helps corporate clients manage their images”), declared these companies the ones that “consumers like, trust, and respect the most.” Disney, following Google and Sony, earned a global reputation score of 77.97. Unfortunately the study doesn’t specify what that’s out of; I’m assuming out of 100 but list topper Google only ranked a 78.62 so it might be … Continue reading

Disney to Build Luxury Homes Community

Just how big is Disney World anyway? I’ve never been there, but I’ve looked at satellite views of it from Google Earth, and though it’s certainly the largest amusement park I’ve seen, I didn’t think it was big enough to host individual luxury homes. That’s right: Disney World’s building luxury homes on its property. According to Central Florida News 13, Disney World’s building a gated community called Golden Oaks which will host up to 400 homes. Prices for the houses range between $1.5 million and $8 million, with a deposit alone costing $25,000. I don’t know much about luxury housing, … Continue reading

Disneyland’s World of Color

Tonight Disneyland premieres a beautiful new exhibit called the World of Color. Playing exclusively in the evening, World of Color is a high-tech water and light show celebrating the magic of Disney. Powered jets shoot water up to 200 feet above spectators’ heads, and rotate to let the water dance amidst colorful beams of light. Within the water and light play scenes and clips from famous Disney films, all set to music. The type of music isn’t specified, but a New York Times profile on Bob Iger mentioned he tweaked it to sound more contemporary. Frankly I’d be surprised if … Continue reading