Toilet Paper Sticker Shock

The other day I ran into Target to pick up some toilet paper. My forays into buying toilet paper are few and far between because I usually buy it in bulk, either at a warehouse store or at the grocery store. After all, toilet paper is something that we will need in steady supply, so I figure I might as well pick up a bunch of it at a time. Plus, I try to match coupons and sales so I can get the best prices. Because of changes in our budget and some life events, we don’t have much of … Continue reading

Toilet Frugality

From the extreme to the sublime, frugal living can take on all sorts of levels. It is important and fun to try new ways to save. Some you will like and continue to use, others you wouldn’t even think of doing. The following ideas offer a range of different methods, and yes, they all have to do with the bathroom. I am sometimes asked the question, “Which saves more money, taking a shower or taking a bath?” The answer here isn’t as simple as you might think. For most people, if you take a short shower using a low-flow shower … Continue reading

What You Need to Know About Toilet Paper

When it comes to sacrificing a little bit of pampering for the environment, few of us, even the die hard dedicated environmentally concerned are willing to live without toilet paper. But there is a lot to know about the stuff that may surprise you. It is new Toilet paper is relatively new in our history. Although it seems as though it is something that we have long needed, in actuality, it wasn’t in widespread usage until the 1930s. That is right, all of those flappers of the roaring twenties had to find other means of wiping their bottoms. It requires … Continue reading

How to Make Your Bathroom Green

Sometimes the bathroom is the last thing that we think about when we think about the environment. But because this is a room that has water and heated water, it really should be on the radar when considering making changes in your home for the better. As a bonus, updating a bathroom, even with small changes, may increase the value of your home. Upgrading your toilet, the most used fixture in your home, can reduce your annual water use by almost 15,000 gallons a year! Look for a model that uses 1.6 gallons per flush. There are also dual toilets … Continue reading

Low-Flow Toilets

Low-Flow Toilets have had a bad reputation, but today’s models are a new generation of technology, featuring high efficiency and even lower water usage. In fact, new toilets can use less than a gallon of water. Compare that with the pre-1992 models that used from three to five gallons of water per flush. Why did I choose 1992? That is because the 1992 Energy Policy Act banned the sale of 1.6 gallon toilets (that used 3-5 gallons per flush). Homeowners in general weren’t too happy with the act because early low-flow toilets were not always effective, requiring more than one … Continue reading

Would You Be This Frugal?

Every once in a while I come across stories of such extreme frugality that I often wonder if the line has been crossed from being frugal to being miserly (in a bad sense.) Some of these stories are in the news, while others come to me through e-mail, private messages and blog comments. Some stories come to me via “a friend of a friend.” I’m not going to make any judgments, of course. Frugal people need to stick together. And what is extreme to one person may be everyday living to another. You can read these stories for yourself. You … Continue reading

5 Ways to Save on Toilet Paper

Perhaps changing diapers all day long has had an effect on me. The last few blogs have been concerned with sawdust toilets and people using newspaper as bathroom tissue. So why not keep with the potty theme? Here are five ways to save on toilet paper. 1.Use less. I’ve never been frugal when it comes to toilet paper. I probably use too much. The standard frugal guide is three or four sheets. If you fold it instead of grabbing a bunch and crinkling it up, you will need less. A wad of toilet paper will have more sheets in it … Continue reading

Would You Use A Sawdust Toilet?

Frugal people, environmentalists and homesteaders all like to conserve resources. One interesting way to conserve is by the use of a sawdust toilet. What is a sawdust toilet? It is basically a sort of “inhouse” instead of an outhouse. With this type of toilet, a five-gallon bucket is fitted underneath a toilet seat. The bucket may be hidden by a wood box that goes around it. A layer of sawdust, or sometimes peat moss is layered in the bottom on the bucket. The toilet is used like any other, with the exception that it isn’t flushed. After each use, a … Continue reading

Why I Hate Pull-Ups

When potty training, many parents transition from diapers straight to pull-ups (or easy-ups, no matter the brand of disposable training pants. I’m brand neutral.) believing that this is a natural way to start potty training. Well I hate the things. Here is why, in no particular order. 1. Pull-Ups are expensive Have you ever done the unit cost of a pull-up? Depending on the brand, you may be spending 50 or more per each piece. Ones with characters, wet feelings or magic pictures may cost even more. By the time that you are done potty training, you can spend a … Continue reading

The 12 Days of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas my frugal love gave to me… A washed out Ziploc bag-gie * On the second day of Christmas my frugal love gave to me… Two darned socks and a washed out Ziploc bag-gie * On the third day of Christmas my frugal love gave to me… Three Sawdust toilets Two darned socks and a washed out Ziploc bag-gie * On the fourth day of Christmas my frugal love gave to me… Four thrift store bargains Three Sawdust toilets Two darned socks and a washed out Ziploc bag-gie * On the fifth day of Christmas … Continue reading