Hunting for Easter Fun

Easter is a fun-filled holiday for kids of all ages with much of the excitement saved for the traditional egg hunt that serves as the centerpiece of family get-togethers. Of course, for some, “traditional” can translate to “boring.”  If you fear that your upcoming Easter egg hunt may leave your pint-sized guests snoozing rather than shouting with glee, consider the following ideas: Scavenger Hunt:  This hunt requires looking for clues as well as eggs.  Start off by placing an egg next to each clue.  Next, begin the hunt as a group.  The first child who figures out the clue gets … Continue reading

Five Free Fun Ideas Your Family Probably Isn’t Doing

By now you know how to save money on family fun, but are you really taking advantage of all of the fun family free stuff that is out there? There are plenty of things to do, to see and to learn that can be geared toward the different talents and interests of yourself, your kids and the family as a whole. If your family isn’t doing them, you could be losing out on a lot of free fun. 1. Join free classes and clubs. There are a number of free classes and clubs out there, just waiting for someone to … Continue reading

Indoor Fun For Toddlers

It has just occurred to me that the other day, I had written a post which alluded to writing a future post about indoor activities for toddlers. Before I forget to write that post (again), here it is. Cooler weather is here, so get ready to get cozy and have some fun. Keep a box full of interesting pieces of clothing that the kids can use to dress themselves up as whatever characters they wish to create. Encourage them to give their characters unique voices, and listen as they entertain you with their stories. Dylan has not done any in … Continue reading

What Inspires Your Blog Posts?

Blogging is an enjoyable form of freelance writing work. Whether you are lucky enough to have found a blogging job, you have your own blog just for fun, or both, once you start blogging you must continually come up with new content that keeps your readers coming back for more. Sometimes, it is easy. You go about your day and then when it is time to sit down at your computer and write, you recall something that you saw or did that day which just so happens to be excellent fodder for a blog post. You spend the next ten … Continue reading

Potpourri of Cheap Summer Fun

Are you running out of affordable ways to keep your kids busy during the last days of summer vacation? August is quickly coming to an end, but for some families, money for summer fun ran out a long time ago. Now is the perfect time to use up any supplies you might have leftover from early summer projects or parties. For example, if you have any extra water balloons in your home fill them up and place them in the freezer for a few hours or overnight. When your kids start singing the “I’m bored” blues, cut away the balloon … Continue reading

Special Needs Blog Week in Review – June 24 – 30, 2012

Every week, the Special Needs Blog Week in Review brings you a quick summary of each of the blogs that were posted here in the past seven days. It makes it easier for you to find out about the ones that you might have missed. The Special Needs Podcast Roundup went up on June 25, 2012. This week, I’d like to point out an episode of NPR’s “Weekend Edition Sunday”. The episode was called “Planes, Patience, and Slightly Kid-Friendlier Security”. This is a good one to listen to for parents who will be traveling by plane with their children this … Continue reading

Fundraiser Results in Service Dog for Lucas

Lucas Appleton is nine years old, and he has Fredreich’s Ataxia. He needs a service dog, but, his family couldn’t afford one. So, they held a fundraiser, which was extremely successful. There was enough money for Lucas to get his service dog, and also enough left over to start a trust fund for Lucas. Imagine what it would be like to be a nine year old boy who cannot go run and play with his friends. For Lucas Appleton, this is a reality. He has Fredreich’s Ataxia, which is a rare, progressive, neurogenetic condition. Worldwide, the condition is found in … Continue reading

Unrealistic Expectations Are No Fun For Anyone

Today, I realized that one of the most frustrating things about being the parent of a toddler has nothing to do with the toddler at all. Nor does it have anything to do with his two month old baby brother. Nope, the source of my frustration is none other than – myself. You see, I have been setting unrealistic expectations for myself and then getting mad at myself for falling short of them. Examples are helpful, so let’s take a minute to compare what I had hoped to accomplish today with what I actually did accomplish. Keep in mind that … Continue reading

Give Writing A Try – Write A Family History Story

Sometimes, it is nice to take a break from your current genealogy research project and try something a little different. Writing a family history story is a fun way to put some of the facts that you have gathered into a larger context and preserve information about the life and times of one or more of your ancestors. Wait, what’s that you say? You say that you can not write a family history story because you are not a good writer? That is okay. You do not have to be a published author, or anything close to that, in order … Continue reading

Mommy Blogger Takes Hit Out on Hubby

Don’t worry; it’s not one of our mommy bloggers… at least not yet. Heh. Okay, not funny. Nor is the news that a 24-year-old wife and mother to two young kids is behind bars tonight for allegedly paying someone to kill her husband. According to reports, Brittany Rachelle Martinez, an EMT and mommy blogger from Houston was caught masterminding a murder-for-hire plot that would have offed her firefighter husband. Police say Martinez offered a friend between $1,500 and $2,500 to gun down her hubby and make it look as though it was “work-related.” The Houston Chronicle claims the mom approached … Continue reading