You Know You Need a Vacation When…

Few people out there deserve a vacation more than parents of special needs kids. It’s an all-consuming job that can feel imprisoning and emotionally draining. Of course we love our kids with all our hearts, but sometimes we just need a break. Here’s my take on the situation: You know you need a vacation when… You’ve sent your child to the naughty stool so many times that it collapses from the strain. The only “nature hike” you get is a trek down the hall to the bathroom. The 911 operators know you on a first name basis. The only brush … Continue reading

Every Day Is Independence Day

We have had a typical Independence Day around here–plenty of potato salad and a nice hot grill, not to mention a pie or two and plenty of time spent in and around the pool. As I was doing a little reading earlier today and watching the teenagers moving about, taking up so much space–it dawned on me that with parenting and family life, every day is really Independence Day… After all, the goal of parenting is to raise independent, self-supporting, caring and involved citizens. That is what we want for our kids, and even though our kids can’t really articulate … Continue reading

The Art of Choosing a Christmas Tree: Our Family’s Tips

There is an art to choosing a Christmas tree. It’s a science. Just ask my kids. Last night was our family’s annual ritual of selecting a real tree. Everyone got bundled up. There was some frantic searching for missing gloves, a few hats pulled down too low, and some disobedient scarves. But armed for the cold, we set off on our adventure. I’ve decided that this is one of my favorite parts of Christmas for our family. No television, no video games, and no cell phone distractions. We’re all out together, united as partners in the hunt. Kyle, especially, looks … Continue reading

Daddy & The Pediatrician

When it comes to pediatrician visits, the primary parent that attends is I. It’s not that her daddy doesn’t love her and doesn’t want to be there for her, but he’s also has a phobia about needles. He went to the first two pediatrician visits when she was a newborn, but when the needles started coming out for the cycle of shots, he elected to keep his distance rather than let his fear infect her. Still, shots are only a very small portion of what happens at the pediatrician visits for your baby in the first year and Daddy is … Continue reading