Seven Ways to Save $1,000 for Your Emergency Fund

Dave Ramsey, financial guru who has helped so many families get out of debt, recommends that most of us start on the path to financial solvency by first saving up $1,000 toward an emergency fund. By having a solid emergency fund, we are less likely to go into debt, should the unexpected happen, such as the home furnace needing to be replaced, the car needing to be repaired, or the experience of a medical crisis. Saving that $1,000 is the first step of Ramsey’s overall get-out-of-debt plan. How can you save that much when there doesn’t seem to be any … Continue reading

Reflections on Diet During Pregnancy

Eating is something I do every single day. Eating is something I think about all day long. Aside from the obvious affect my diet has on me, now that I am pregnant my diet also affects my growing baby. It is because of my baby that I think about food choices so frequently, but also why I am so willing to change what I am eating to better support my pregnancy which of course supports the health and development of my baby. Protein has become a dominating feature in my diet. Every food choice I make includes something that contains … Continue reading

Babies and Bee Stings

Nothing spoils an outdoor activity with your baby faster than a bee sting. I know this for a fact. When I was seven a bee stung my 11-month-old brother at our favorite park. It’s a scene forever etched in my memory. Actually, I don’t remember every detail, but I’ll never forget my brother’s blood curdling screams following the sting. Unfortunately, bees like to frolic in summer’s warm temps as much as children do. From parks to pools, bike rides to backyard cookouts, there are very few outdoor activities that don’t attract unwanted buzzing guests. My young daughter is deathly afraid … Continue reading

Most Commented On Baby Blogs of 2007

As a means of reviewing the year, I always love to look at the blogs that had the most comments! Sometimes controversial blogs get noticed. Other times it has more to do with a topic of interest. Sometimes a commenter sparks a discussion. Regardless of the reason, these are the blogs that got the most comments in the baby blog in 2007! Is My Baby Gifted? How to Tell Merry Poison Free Christmas Dad’s Weird Things You Should Be Giving Your Baby Soda!! Why Breast Pumping Isn’t a Good Substitute for Breastfeeding Is Swaddling Overrated? Watching T.V. While Breastfeeding Unwanted … Continue reading

A Couple of Tips for Surviving the Holidays with Baby

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and many of us will be traveling for Thanksgiving, or preparing to host our own feast with family and friends. This will mark the first year for us, in which we do not have to do Thanksgiving with a baby under 24 months of age. That would make a total of 7 years in a row with a baby in tow for the holidays. With that said, here are a few of our tips for getting through the holidays. It All Revolves Around the Baby We have learned over the years that holidays must … Continue reading

You Should Be Giving Your Baby Soda!

This is so bizarre and unbelievable I just had to write about it. I try diligently to make sure that my kids get their five servings of fruits and veggies a day. I do allow sugar, but generally it’s with stuff that has been homemade, and as you probably already know, I’m good at sneaking fruits and vegetables into places where you would never think fruits and vegetables could go. (Whole wheat brownies with spinach anyone?) Never, never do I allow soda. In our family, it’s actually a rite of passage that on one’s 8th birthday, they are allowed to … Continue reading

Watching Baby Einstein Does Not an Einstein Make

Every time I make a post like this or share similar information in a forum, someone says, “No, that’s not true.” “We all watched television when we were kids and we turned out just fine.” “If you use television properly, it can be educational.” “I HAVE to have some time to myself and videos are the only way I get it.” “But this is educational?!” “The research is biased. . .” And so the list of excuses go on. At the risk of sounding like an obnoxious broken record, a new study was published today that shows babies ages 8 … Continue reading

List of Budget Categories

Whether you are just getting started on your first budget or taking the time to renew your money management systems, the following list should help you. Often the hardest part of a budget is simply separating your spending into different categories. So grab your checkbook, bank statements and credit card bills, and get started on a budget today. Typical budget categories include: Cash: Have an budget account for miscellaneous cash you take out for little expenditures. This is simpler than trying to keep track of each piece of gum or soda you buy. Childcare or babysitting: If you have kids, … Continue reading

Weaning off Caffeine

Consuming a lot of caffeine during pregnancy has been linked to problems such as low birth weight. In addition, babies born to mothers who consume large quantities of caffeine have been found to show symptoms of withdrawal after birth. For these reasons, women are advised to limit their intake of caffeine during pregnancy. Let’s face it; caffeine is a huge part of our culture. Some people drink cup after cup of coffee throughout the work day. These people often suffer withdrawal symptoms when they try to stop drinking coffee cold turkey. Headaches are common when caffeine is totally eliminated from … Continue reading

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

If you bottle feed, you’ve undoubtedly been told not to put the baby to bed with his bottle. The reason is that it could cause baby bottle tooth decay also known as early childhood caries. (As you’ll see in my next blog, caries are not restricted to those babies who are bottle fed.) Here is what you need to know to help prevent serious dental problems in your baby. Decay happens when sweet liquids are given in a baby’s bottle and left on the teeth for long periods of time afterwards. (Like giving a bottle at night and not brushing … Continue reading