Unvaccinated Children May be Suspended from School

There is something new that parents may want to consider as they prepare their child for the upcoming school year. Some schools are suspending children who are unvaccinated. The purpose is to stop the spread of preventable childhood diseases. Parents who live in states that allow exemptions for vaccines can still make that choice. However, they should be aware that the exemption will not override the school’s right to protect students from the spread of diseases that can be prevented by vaccinations. Vaccines prevent diseases. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) point out that some diseases, like polio … Continue reading

The Bad News about the Shingles Vaccine

I know I am getting old now because I am starting to worry about shingles, the painful rash and blister disease that is a reactivation of chickenpox. If you never get chickenpox, you will never have shingles, but I did and now I am concerned. Years ago, I thought shingles was something old people got. But, now that I am narrowing in on 50, it seems all too real a possibility. I was glad to hear there is a vaccine now to help prevent you from getting shingles. But, there is bad news too. While the vaccine Zostavax has reduced … Continue reading

FDA Issues Warning for Rotavirus Vaccine

Vaccinations are a hotly debated topic among parents. A lot of parents feel that there is no longer a need for vaccinations and that we are over medicating our kids with unresearched products. Other people feel that serious illnesses were wiped out because of vaccination and that if everybody stops vaccinating we will see a resurgence of things like polio, the mumps and measles. I personally am of the mind set that each family needs to do research and make the decision that is right for their family. There have been some excellent blogs that have been written about vaccination … Continue reading

Can Your Pediatrician Fire You?

Can you imagine your pediatrician firing you? Can you imagine how you would feel if the pediatrician informed you that you can no longer bring your child to their practice? It’s actually happening in some areas where parents are refusing immunizations for their infants for whatever reason. Some parents are not comfortable with immunizing an infant due to religious or medical practices. Still others would prefer to wait if their child has a cold. Many pediatricians will go ahead and give an infant their shots as long as the baby is not running a fever. If you’re like me, the … Continue reading