Is Your Weight Holding You Back?

You are on the right track by trying to get into shape and learning all that you can about healthy nutrition. If you are currently dieting and trying to get back into shape this is the first step in being a healthier you. However, do not let being overweight hold you back from doing things in other areas of your life that will affect your quality of life. Instead focus on yourself as a whole person and not just an overweight person. The weight loss will come as long as you are dedicated to losing your excess weight, but it … Continue reading

Barbecue Chicken with Personality

Personally, I don’t love chicken cooked over a grill unless it’s boneless. I know that goes against every primal instinct in barbecue but the truth of the matter is, I find that very few people know how to cook bone-in chicken over the barbecue so that it’s not burnt. . .and yet, not still clucking. The balance between undercooked and overcooked seems harder to achieve with chicken legs. However, this barbecue sauce has a little spunk to it so that regardless of how you like your chicken you’re covered! You will need: One to two tablespoons of butter 1 onion … Continue reading

Those Darned Kids …

What is it with kids? One day, they’re sweet, loving, and teachable, and the next, they’re ornery, grumpy, and won’t do a thing you ask. It’s like living with an entirely different set of people every single day! Kids naturally do go through personality phases. Think for a minute about moms and PMS—that causes some personality changes, right? Kids go through changes as their bodies grow, long before they get to puberty. Sometimes as their brains go through a growth spurt, they’ll act up. Or if their legs are growing. Any time our bodies experience changes, it has an effect … Continue reading

Eating Disorders – Mixed Messages

As I was reading up on some recent research I came across two related to eating disorders/weight, and while reading them I realized how many mixed messages we are sending. One was about a spike in eating disorders in older women while the other focused on the link between body weight and personality. While I found the information in both articles interesting, there were pieces that were almost contradictory in nature. It got me thinking about the messages we send out about eating disorders. We complain about living in a culture obsessed with thinness, and often blame the media and … Continue reading

Why Don’t Significant Life Events Change Narcissists?

This article was prompted by one of my readers who noted that even after a brush with cancer, her narcissistic mother did not use that opportunity to change her life. This is a typical situation that clearly outlines the absolute and global effect of narcissistic personality disorder on the individual. For many people, having a life threatening illness such as cancer changes that individual. Even for those who don’t survive, there is often a change in the way they lkook at life because they have to evaluate what is important and what is unimportant in the real scheme of things. … Continue reading

Should Cats Drink Milk?

The image of a cat lapping at a bowl of milk is a pretty common one… but is milk really a healthy drink for your feline friend? The Cat Fancier’s Association suggests that while many cats like the taste of milk, they typically don’t need it as part of their daily diet. A well-nourished cat shouldn’t need to drink milk, but he might like to once in a while. Too much milk too often could cause digestive issues, like diarrhea. In fact, many cats may even be lactose intolerant — this means that they can’t digest the sugars (lactose) in … Continue reading

How Do You Measure Up?

Just what are the perfect measurements in your eyes? Do you see being reed thin like Twiggy as having the ideal figure? Or do you more set your goals to that of a curvaceous Marilyn-like body image? What do you feel is attractive and appealing? What do you feel better or healthier as? The fact is there are no perfect measurements. Each and every one of us is different in personality and body. There are no two of us alike. A weight that looks attractive on one of us does not always look the best on the rest of us. … Continue reading

Author Interview: Haley Hatch Freeman, Part Two

We are joined by Haley Hatch Freeman, author of the new book “A Future for Tomorrow.” Yesterday we began our conversation with Haley and she told us of her struggles with anorexia as a teenager which she documents in her book. We continue our chat today. Haley, thank you for being here with us today. One section of “A Future for Tomorrow” deals with a period of time during your recovery when you had to deal with dark influences. How did you come to peace with that in such a way that you were able to share it with others … Continue reading

Magnesium Deficiency

According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, many adults in the United States are not getting enough magnesium in their diets! Early symptoms of magnesium deficiency can include: Loss of appetite, nausea, and/or vomiting Fatigue and weakness Advanced symptoms of magnesium deficiency can include: Numbness and/or tingling Muscle contractions and cramps Seizures Personality changes Abnormal heart rhythms Symptoms of magnesium deficiency can look like other diseases and vice versa. Talk to your doctor for an official diagnosis. For many people, magnesium intake isn’t low enough to result in deficiency but isn’t high enough to promote optimal magnesium status. … Continue reading

Monitor Lizards

While monitor lizards are not the best choice for beginners, they can be an intelligent and interesting pet for skilled reptile hobbyists. Monitor lizards get their genus name — varanus — from an Arabic word that means “monitor”. These lizards have an occasional habit of standing on their two hind legs. It seems like they are monitoring their surroundings! Legend says that monitor lizards rear up to warn people that crocodiles are nearby. Across the board, monitor lizards are known for their intelligence. Rock monitors at the San Diego Zoo can distinguish numbers up to six. Nile monitors cooperate while … Continue reading