Is It Post-Partum or Just Baby Blues?

After the births of my first two children, I had typical emotional responses. I felt overwhelmed, sleep deprived, stressed, but relatively normal, in the whole scope of things. But with the birth of Johnny, in November, things were a little different. First, I left the hospital too early. Johnny was born at 6:45 AM on a Friday, and they gave me the option of leaving on Saturday, after all, this wasn’t my first baby and I knew how to take care of a new baby and myself after delivery. I missed my girls, so I went home. I was not … Continue reading

Post Partum Anemia

Post partum anemia is a relatively common problem. According to research by the Guttmacher Institute, approximately 27 percent of women experience post partum anemia. The condition may be diagnosed shortly after your baby’s birth or later at the post partum visit. Fatigue is the most common symptom of post partum anemia. All new mothers are tired, but most are feeling better by the post partum checkup. Women with post partum anemia are still exhausted at the six week mark. If you are still experiencing extreme tiredness and it is affecting your ability to go about your daily routine, mention it … Continue reading

New Survey Offers Startling Insight into the Postpartum Period

Most of us envision a blissfully happy time, cuddling our new bundles of joy after the long months of pregnancy. This happy picture is especially common if you have wanted a baby for a while. However, a new survey of women shortly after giving birth paints a very different picture of the days after the baby arrives. The survey was conducted by Childbirth Connection, an organization devoted to improving the quality of care during pregnancy. The survey was conducted twice, once about the child birth experiences of the women. The second was conducted six months later and looked at the … Continue reading

The Six Week Visit

On the day of my daughter’s birth, the six week visit seemed rather far away. Yet, here we are six weeks later and we, mommy and baby, are going for the last visit with our midwife. We have been looking forward to seeing our midwife again and after such a successful pregnancy and birth experience we are excited to bring our amazing pre and post natal journey to a close. We arrived early and parked on the street in front of the midwife’s house (like we had done numerous times before). This time our wonderful midwife greeted us from her … Continue reading

Hair Loss After Baby’s Birth

Whether or not they lost hair during pregnancy, most women will experience some degree of hair loss after the baby is born. This can occur from one to five months after delivery. Three months post partum is the average time for the most noticeable hair loss. The reasons for this hair loss are similar to the reasons for most side effects of pregnancy: your hormones. Gradually over the weeks and months following your baby’s birth, your hormone levels will return to normal. Shedding hair is one of the side effects of this shift in hormones back to the pre pregnancy … Continue reading

How Pregnancy Affects the Bladder

Pregnancy and child birth can cause bladder problems. How and when the bladder is affected varies from woman to woman. Some women experience a bit of stress incontinence in the first pregnancy. For others, it doesn’t become a problem until after the birth or with subsequent children. To understand how pregnancy affects the bladder, its important to understand how the bladder works. Two muscles help hold the bladder closed. These are located where the bladder meets the urethra. The muscles act like rubber bands, holding the urethra closed. These muscles can be weakened during pregnancy and birth, making them less … Continue reading