How Do You Measure Up?

Just what are the perfect measurements in your eyes? Do you see being reed thin like Twiggy as having the ideal figure? Or do you more set your goals to that of a curvaceous Marilyn-like body image? What do you feel is attractive and appealing? What do you feel better or healthier as? The fact is there are no perfect measurements. Each and every one of us is different in personality and body. There are no two of us alike. A weight that looks attractive on one of us does not always look the best on the rest of us. … Continue reading

Cloned Puppies Up for Auction

Would you clone a beloved pet? How much would a cloned pet be worth to you? A biotech company in northern California called BioArts International is auctioning off five chances to have a cloned dog. The auction begins on June 18th and bidding starts at one hundred thousand dollars. BioArts calls the project “Best Friends Again”. The chief executive for BioArts International once ran Genetic Savings & Clone, a company that offered to clone pet cats for a mere fifty thousand dollars. The company folded in 2006 because few pet owners could afford to pay that much. So why try … Continue reading

Baseball Tips for Kids (and Parents too!)

“Mom, can we go play some baseball together?” This question was posed to me recently by my six year-old daughter. My initial response was, well, no because two people do not make a team and it’s hard to play ball with just two people. But that’s not necessarily true. If you both have gloves, you can play catch. If you have gloves and a bat you can practice hitting. So it’s doable – but unfortunately for my daughter, I’m terrible at throwing. But what the heck, let’s give it a shot anyway. In the meanwhile, if you’re looking to organize … Continue reading

Author Challenges The Obsession with Obesity

In her book, Rethinking Thin Gina Kolata argues that being fat is not something that people have control over. A researcher asked the question: Would you rather be fat or blind? Kolata, a science reporter for The New York Times, shares the answers to the researcher’s question. 89 percent of respondents to this question all agreed that they would rather lose their sight than be fat. When you’re blind, people want to help you. No one wants to help you when you’re fat. The idea that people would rather be blind than fat is shocking, but once you start reading … Continue reading

The Fitness Blog Week in Review – Dec 30 – Jan 5

Is it already the weekend? Hard to believe that we’ve made it all the way to the first weekend of the first month of the New Year and of course, since it’s Saturday, you know what that means – it’s our first Week in Review for 2007! This week, the Fitness Blog is also proud to introduce a new regular blogger who joins us with a great deal of experience. As a part-time yoga instructor, Clarissa Adkins is going to be a real delight for our readers here in the fitness blog as she brings us the wealth of her … Continue reading

Your Success in Exercise May Rest In Our Genes

Feel free to breathe a sigh of relief, your success or failure in exercise and how your body responds to it may rest squarely on the shoulders of your parents. According to recent research by the American College of Sports Medicine, researchers have discovered certain genes that reflect on our fitness and physical performance. Naturally Gifted There are people who seem like they are just naturally gifted. They workout and their bodies show tremendous results. They have strength, body composition, flexibility and endurance. They workout and their results are just phenomenal. You may have always thought that these people were … Continue reading