Tips for Buying Nursing Bras

Your belly isn’t the only thing that expands during pregnancy. You’ll find that your bras will fit a little more snugly, too, if they fit at all. After your baby is born, when your milk comes in, is when the real changes happen. For example, you might start off as a 34B, grow to a 36C during your pregnancy, expand to a 36DD when your milk comes in, and return to a 36D cup once your milk supply is regulated. These constant changes in bust size make bra shopping tricky! Bras you buy during your last trimester may fit again … Continue reading

Confessions of a “Foodie” Mom

Okay, here goes. Like Mary Ann said, I’ve often kept my weight loss efforts from people outside the immediate family. I figure if I succeed, they’ll notice, and if I fail, they won’t know I tried. (Hmm…I suspect that’s why some kids don’t try in school….maybe we adults are not so different from children after all.) But, sometimes accountability to someone else is easier than accountability to ourselves (I know that’s sad, but true.) So now I will be accountable to all of you. I’m a 40-year-old mom with three kids; the youngest is a kindergartener. I have been writing … Continue reading

Five Things I Loved About Giving Birth In the Hospital

When I was pregnant, I read a lot of forums, books, blogs and essays about different settings and styles of childbirth. The obvious choice is a hospital, but there are also birth centers, home births and free births. Many of the writers bashed hospitals, claiming unnecessary intervention, poor care, increased risk and self absorbed doctors as a few of the reasons hospital births are a bad idea. I chose to give birth in a hospital for a number of reasons, health insurance being the main reason. I was all geared up to “fight for my rights” as a patient and … Continue reading

How Long Do You Have to Worry About SIDS?

Here is yet another blog inspired by recent discussion in the forums. Several discussions have popped up lately regarding babies sleeping on their backs and other bedtime behavior that we’ve all been told not to allow. Back to Sleep The Back to Sleep campaign is an educational campaign that seeks to educate new parents on the dangers of putting your baby to sleep on their tummies. Since the campaign started, statistics show almost a 50% decrease in the incidences of SIDS. While I don’t think it can be exclusively attributed to the back to sleep campaign*, there certainly is a … Continue reading

Valorie’s Breastfeeding Index

Later today I will post a review of the baby blog of 2007 so why does breastfeeding get its own category? Well, in part as an answer to readers who want to read what I’ve written on breastfeeding. I’ve written so much on breastfeeding at this point that you all have asked for an index of sorts so it’s easier to find what you’re looking for. It’s also in part because I’ve become known as the breastfeeding lady. . .guru. . .whatever you want to call it. I’ve been at this breastfeeding business for a long time and many of … Continue reading

Adoptive Mothers Breastfeeding? Yes!

Many people are surprised to learn that adoptive mothers can and do breastfeed. While pregnancy hormones are a help in producing a milk supply, what really starts the process of lactation is the action of the baby sucking on the nipples. Some adoptive mothers are able to totally breastfeed their children. Others whose milk supply is lower can still give their baby the unique nourishment in breastmilk while supplementing with formula. An adoptive mother wishing to breastfeed will need to prepare. In addition to learning everything she can about breastfeeding, she usually begins using a breast pump a few weeks … Continue reading

Challenging the Status Quo on the Age of Weaning

Most people who are around for any length of time know where to go if they have a breastfeeding question. Especially one that’s out of the ordinary. It’s true, I’ve been nursing for what will be 9 years in March. . .although not the same child. I have nursed twins, I have tandem nursed singletons. I even had one child stop nursing only to start again four months later. . .which I allowed. I consider the minimum age for weaning two years, (following recommendations by WHO) and I’ve mentioned before that I actively encourage breastfeeding until this time. The … Continue reading

Dad’s that Breastfeed: Literally!

A while ago, I wrote a blog about my husband and his perspective on breastfeeding. I’ve been breastfeeding for eight years pretty much without a break and so you have to figure that he does indeed have a perspective worth sharing. I wrote 8 tips to help dads while their wives are breastfeeding and shared some of my husband’s thoughts on the whole process. As my husband puts it: breastfeeding is for manly men. Well, I recently found out that men can breastfeed! No, not help their wives by supporting them in whatever way possible. . .men have mammary glands … Continue reading

Ask a Baby Blogger: Why Can’t You Breastfeed a Baby on a Schedule? Part 2

Question: I always hear about you’re supposed to breastfeed on demand but I have a problem with this. First of all, I feel like the baby needs to work on my schedule, not me being a slave to the baby. Second of all, I don’t think it’s healthy for babies to “snack” like that. Doesn’t that just set them up for bad eating habits later? Thirdly, I think it spoils a baby to respond every single time they cry. And finally, if my baby is on a schedule won’t he sleep through the night better? Yesterday I addressed the first … Continue reading

The Cost of Breastfeeding Intervention vs. Formula Feeding

I have written before about my beloved Meghan, who was the absolute worse nursing baby in the whole world. She was cranky, didn’t latch properly, made breastfeeding a nightmare. . .and so on. She was my third baby though, so I was willing to seek out qualified professional help. . .at the hefty price of $135 per hour! Our insurance company does not cover a visit to the lactation consultant. I am not aware of any in this area that do nor am I aware of any pediatric practices that have them on staff. (Some pediatric practices near us have … Continue reading