New Pregnancy Test Detects hCG Sooner

Perhaps you’ve heard the term “two week wait.” Who are we kidding, if you’ve ever tried to conceive, you lived (or died) for those two weeks. The phrase is a little misleading however, since it implies that most of us actually wait for two weeks after conception to take a pregnancy test. When I was trying to get pregnant, I joined a forum with some other women on the same ovulation schedule and some of us would start testing daily just seven days after ovulation. For the most part, testing so early and so often was a waste of money … Continue reading

Surviving Your Last Weeks of Pregnancy: The Emotional Train Wreck

In addition to the physical discomforts, the last few weeks of pregnancy can induce episodes of anxiety, distress, sadness, and frustration. You may be anxious about waiting for labor to begin, delivery itself, or becoming a parent for the first time. Aches and pains affect your ability to deal with the emotional ups and downs. The body goes through another wave of hormone changes in preparation for labor and delivery, which can make mood swings worse. Going through false labor can have you ready to pull your hair out! Sometimes normal fears are inflated by outside influences, such as when … Continue reading

What Happens When Your Water Breaks?

If you are pregnant, chances are you have heard at least one or two accounts of how someone’s water broke when it was almost time for their baby to be born. While having your water break before you head for the hospital is completely normal, it is also normal for your water to remain intact until you are at the hospital and your labor is well underway. What is it like for your water to break? I have no idea, because mine did not break during either pregnancy, it had to be broken both times. I did some research so … Continue reading

Easing Morning Sickness With Fresh Air

Not all expectant mother’s experience morning sickness. Of those that do, some woman are nearly incapacitated by severe and persistent symptoms. While others experience bothersome but manageable symptoms. Luckily, I fall into the latter group of expectant mothers. While I can function quite well through the day, motivation certainly sways with the waves of nausea that come and go throughout the day. Some days the nausea is kept at bay with small and frequent snacks but other days the nausea never goes away. I was having one of those days last week — nothing could quell the queasiness. It was … Continue reading

Lose Weight Before Getting Pregnant?

If you know that you are going to be trying to have a baby soon, it sounds crazy to think of trying to lose weight first. What’s the point right? However, I did that with both of my kids. I lost about 20 lbs. before getting pregnant with both of them because I wanted to be at my healthiest when trying to conceive. Does your weight make a difference? Trying to conceive when you are overweight can be more difficult. But, not always. Many women who are overweight experience hormone problems that result in irregular ovulation cycles. This can lead … Continue reading

When Will You Ovulate Again?

When you first start getting your period again after having a baby, or when you’re just getting off birth control, the big question that lays heavily on your mind is when you will start ovulating again. You may not realize, but you can get your period without ovulating. A period is not a sure sign that ovulation is happening. (Now, if you are ovulating, you must get your period unless you conceive.) For me, the answer to this question has been a big mystery. For one, it took “forever” for my cycles to come back. My son was 18 months … Continue reading

Enjoy the Quiet Now

In the midst of all the preparations for having your first child, I think something many of us moms overlook is making sure we take advantage of the time we have left being a childless couple. It’s hard to imagine how your life will change once you become parents. Beyond the shift in priorities and the budget to accommodate our little ones, there are other changes to consider. Hormones and fatigue can drastically change how we spend our free time. Instead of spending quality time together we often end up choosing to sleep instead. Sometimes housework takes up more time, … Continue reading

Saving Up for Hospital Expenses

Having a baby in a hospital is an expensive endeavor. You’ll spend more putting your baby up in the nursery than you would booking her a stay in a river view suite at the Trump International in Chicago. Checking into triage to see if you are in real labor can set you back over $500. If you are one of the lucky few who have full medical coverage, you won’t think twice about requesting extra supplies or asking for an epidural. For the rest of us, our best bet is to try and anticipate any out-of-pocket costs and save up … Continue reading

Tests, Treatments, and Nerves

In case I haven’t harped upon this enough in the last few days, I’m having an ultrasound this afternoon. And I’m a little nervous. Long story short: after my recent pelvic exam, my doctor suspects I have fibroids. I’m having an ultrasound today to confirm the diagnosis, so we can figure out a treatment plan. I’m glad to know that there’s a reason for my monthly misery — irregular periods, painful cramps, and other symptoms. I’m glad to know there is a wide variety of treatment options available. But I’m still nervous about the test. Let’s be honest: I get … Continue reading

Pregnant on the Pill?

I know several women who conceived on the pill and it’s likely that you do, too. The pill is 92-99.7% effective in preventing pregnancy. That means if you know one hundred women who are on hormonal birth control (which is highly likely that you do considering how prevalent it is), chances are at least one of them, and as many as eight of them, might become pregnant anyway. If you have ever watched the show I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant, you know that many of the women featured on the show were taking birth control when they conceived. It’s … Continue reading