Bad Dads? You Decide

I know a dad who pays more money for airlines tickets to see his girlfriend than he does in child support. He also willingly shells out more cash to wine and dine said girlfriend in the course of three days than he does to feed his own child in an entire month. That’s on top of repeatedly placing the child in dangerous situations and consistently ignoring the child. So, does this make the guy a bad dad? He certainly doesn’t think so, and I would venture to guess that fellow fathers Jon Gosselin and Mel Gibson would agree. The aforementioned … Continue reading

Sean Penn Files for Divorce Again and Jon Gosselin Accused of Cheating Again

Oops, he did it again! Two times may be the charm for Sean Penn, who seems intent on getting rid of his wife Robin Wright Penn. For the second time in two years, the double Oscar winner has filed for separation from his actress wife. According to TV’s “Extra,” Penn filed legal papers last Friday, just three days shy of the couple’s 13th wedding anniversary. The actor is asking the court to grant him joint custody of the pair’s two children Dylan and Hopper. Penn and Wright married in 1996. In December 2007 Penn filed for legal separation, was photographed … Continue reading

Jamie Lynn Spears’ Baby Daddy in Car Wreck

Britney Spears’ almost-but-not-really brother-in-law has a cracked skull. At least that’s what one media source is reporting. Casey Aldridge, the father of Jamie Lynn Spears’ 10-month-old daughter Maddie, was reportedly injured in a car accident early Sunday morning. According to police reports, the 19-year-old was driving his Ford F-250 truck when he lost control around 1:30 this morning, and drove off the shoulder of a Louisiana highway. Police say Aldridge’s truck flipped over and he and his three passengers sustained injuries. There are conflicting reports on the severity of the teen father’s injuries. One report claims Aldridge suffered a “cracked … Continue reading

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher to Divorce

Cougars all over the world are stunned – their shining example of what cougarhood can be has come to an end. After rumors swirled that Ashton Kutcher had cheated on wife Demi Moore, the two announced their divorce this week. The pair has almost always turned heads since they began dating in 2003, when Moore was 41-years-old and Kutcher was barely out of diapers. Okay, he was actually 25-years-old. But, Moore’s oldest daughter, Rumer is just 10 years younger than Kutcher. While not many batted an eyelash when Anthony Quinn married a women 48 years younger than him or Sammy … Continue reading

Child Support

It seems there is nothing that gets divorced parents as riled up as child support. Just mention it, men and women alike start foaming at the mouth. He’s a deadbeat, she’s asking for the moon and stars. Parents should support their children, regardless of whether they live in the same home with them or not. Now having said that I must clarify. No one should have to pay so much in alimony and child support that they can no longer support themselves. I remember when a neighbor found out her husband was cheating on her. They had been married for … Continue reading

Gosselin Kids Get Expelled

Your kids just got the boot from their pricey private school. What’s a parent to do? If you’re reality TV mom Kate Gosselin, you call in a spin doctor and try to pretend like nothing is wrong. At least according to the New York Post. The paper, along with tabloid king, In Touch, are reporting that two of the Gosselin sextuplets recently got expelled from their super expensive Pennsylvania private school and are now being homeschooled. In Touch broke the story claiming that 6-year-old sextuplets Collin and Alexis are no longer attending school with the rest of their brothers and … Continue reading

Jesse James Says He was Abused as a Child

Things just seem to be going from bad to worse for Jesse James. First, we learned that he cheated on Sandra Bullock, “America’s Sweetheart,” just days after she won her first Oscar. Then, the news came out that there were pictures circulating the Internet of James in Nazi apparel. As mistresses seemed to appear out of the woodwork, we find out that not only did James cheat on Sandra, but they had planned to adopted a baby no one knew about. Seriously, could it get any worse? Maybe. James admitted on “Nightline” last night that he had a reason for … Continue reading

The Top Reason Why Men Cheat

What is the number one reason that men cheat on their wives? Do you think you know the answer. Well, you might actually be surprised by the real answer. When asked this question: why do men cheat, most people will answer that it is because of sexual dissatisfaction. But according to research, this isn’t the real answer at all. M. Gary Neuman, the author of the book, The Truth About Cheating and a marriage and family therapist, says that his research has shown that the number one reason that men cheat is because they feel that their wives don’t appreciate … Continue reading

“Jon and Kate Plus 8”: Misery Loves Company

Does it ever… If you tuned into watch the Gosselin’s martial meltdown of TLC’s “Jon and Kate Plus 8” on Monday night you weren’t alone. According to reports, the season premiere of “Jon and Kate Plus 8” was watched by a record breaking 9.8 million people. To put that number into perspective consider that the premiere of ABC’s “Lost” attracted just over 7 million viewers. The number is also on par with the finale of “Sex and the City,” which aired five years ago. The ratings for Monday’s “Jon and Kate” were the highest in TLC’s history. Not only did … Continue reading

The Gosselins: He Said, She Said, They Said

It seems as if it is now Jon and Kate Plus Eight…and everyone that knows them. The first person to get involved (that I remember at least) with the tabloids as far as Jon and Kate’s relationship was Jason Hummel, the brother of Jon’s “friend,” Deanna Hummel. Jon and Deanna were seen out late one night and that sparked controversy that Jon was cheating. Well, that along with the pics taken of him and co-eds from Juniata College partying at a bar in February. Jason claims that his sister and Jon are having an affair and it seems he can’t … Continue reading