Test Your Driving Mettle at Epcot’s Test Track

Disney World sure is the park for auto buffs. First it has the already-profiled Richard Petty Driving Experience, and it also contains Epcot’s Test Track. I guess Disneyland might start to compete a bit with Cars Land, but until we know more about that attraction it’ll be hard to tell. An amusement park might not be a car nut’s ideal vacation, but if they’re already there for other reasons, at least they’ll have more to do than at another park. I almost profiled Test Track as another Fun for Grown-Ups at Disney feature, but kids 7 and older are allowed … Continue reading

Driving the Family Germ-mobile

“If you’re a soccer mom, you’re essentially driving a germ-mobile.” Or so claims a microbiologist from the University of Arizona who conducted a study on bacteria levels in people’s vehicles. The conclusion: Most of us are driving around in motorized toilets. Scratch that. Actually, what this germ expert concluded was that in most cases the toilets in our homes are cleaner than the interior of our vehicles. Food for thought the next time you consider loading up the kids for a ride to grandma’s house. Before you start bleaching your dashboard take a look at the details of the study: … Continue reading

Students Driving to School

I can remember the dreaded horror of beginning my freshmen year by riding ‘the big yellow dog’, as high school students typically called it at the time. In my day, it was in no form cool to ride the bus to school. Fortunately, I had an older cousin attending and driving to the same high school, and I could catch a ride to school with her. Driving to school was the cool thing to do. Now as a parent, I am shocked at the many privileges and freedoms that children, including myself, were and still are given. I was a … Continue reading

Spring Break Through Your Camera’s Lens

After the 19.8 inches of new snow that fell on our city yesterday I’m not surprised that there is a mass exodus going on right now. Who wants to spend spring break digging out from nearly two feet of wet, heavy, sloppy snow? Many of our friends are heading to sunny destinations this weekend. Two families are driving to Florida where they plan to scuba dive and swim with dolphins. I begged them to take photos of their underwater adventures. They laughed and said they’d pay for the resort’s staff to snap their pics. Not for nothing, but it doesn’t … Continue reading

Mindy McCready Dead at 37

Sometimes, you see tragedy coming for celebrities and you just know there is not much anyone can do to stop it.  How many people were surprised when Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston died, even though it seemed to be coming for years. The same may be said for country singer Mindy McCready.  The singer’s brother announced that she committed suicide today in Heber Springs, Arkansas.  She was 37. McCready rose to fame at the young age of 21 when her debut album, Ten Thousand Angels, sold two million copies and produced four charts singles.  She became briefly engaged to actor … Continue reading

Tolls Taking a Toll on Travelers

Nothing gets a traveler hot under the collar faster than having to spend extra money on tolls.  If paying for gas, hotel rooms and meals weren’t enough, several states have increased the amount of cash they are requiring road warriors to fork over for the privilege of driving on their asphalt. The expansion of the electronic toll system allows locals and visitors alike to speed through the express lanes without having to shell out cash each time.  Rather, drivers can pre-purchase toll devices and use them on highways, bridges and tunnels, from California to Maine. The largest toll program is … Continue reading

Which States are the Speediest?

How fast do you drive? Do you think the other drivers in your state are “speeders”? CarInsuranceQuotes.com compiled a list of the states where drivers receive the most traffic tickets for speeding. Do you live in one of those states? It happens every day. Some idiot flies down the road and nearly causes an accident. People who are in a hurry tend to forget that there are some very bad things that can happen when drivers choose to drive faster than the speed limit. The later you are for work, the more tempted you might be to ignore the safety … Continue reading

Toddler Road Trip Wrap Up

Last night we returned to our home after a nine day vacation with my parents. Four out of those nine days were spent on the road, driving for many hours. This post is for any parent who is wondering whether it is a good idea to take such a long trip with a toddler (or, as in our case, a toddler and a baby). I am not sure if there was a specific reason that our trip went relatively smoothly, but it did. There were certainly moments where things got pretty intense, but we worked through them. When I stopped … Continue reading

Family Road Trip Highlights And Low Points

Tonight is our last night in the beach house here in Palm Coast, Florida. Tomorrow we will be embarking on our journey back to Vermont. So far, the trip has been fun. It has been tons of fun at times, and loads of stress at others. Of course, these things are par for the course when you take a family road trip. There have been some wonderful moments during this vacation. Yesterday was very special, as it was my sister’s wedding day. The boys both had a good day behavior – wise and things went smoothly. From spending time with … Continue reading

How Much Work Will You Really Do On Vacation?

One of the benefits of owning and operating your own business is that you can often take your work with you when you go out of town for a vacation. While that is certainly a good thing, it is important to have reasonable expectations about how much work you will be able to get done while you are on the go. For the past few days, I have been traveling with my family. We still have a few more days of vacation left, and I have not been able to do as much work as I thought that I would … Continue reading