Being Frugal Is A Way Of Life ā€“ New FL Blogger Intro

Finally, Iā€™m writing my Frugal Living introduction post. Better late than never, I always say. I wanted to say hello to my fellow FL living blogger Mary Ann Romans, and all of new bloggers. Since starting with this website about a month ago I’ve been having a lot of fun writing in my various topics. Being able to share and learn is a wonderful thing. As the title of my blog today states, being frugal truly is a way of life, not just one area of it. Many times someone may start out counting pennies in the area of … Continue reading

December Preparedness Goals

November has flown by and it is into December. There is still time to make preparedness goals and to achieve them this month. In November we did great with family scripture study in the morning. We still need to bring our flour and sugar levels up. We did not use white beans, but I did delve into our food storage and use items that we had in new ways. As you consider giving your family presents this year, consider the gift of food storage. If you have grown children or are just starting out yourself, there is a starter kit … Continue reading

Financial Pitfalls: Failure to Establish Financial Independence

One important step in managing your finances is to become independent of outside help. Usually parents or in-laws offer this help and it may be small amounts of money monthly or it may be large gifts of money annually. If your parents are in a position to give you money this is can be seen as a blessing. Many parents are able to help their children with a down payment on a home. They may also help with the purchase of your first car. While these gifts are nice. It is important that you do not become dependent on them. … Continue reading