It’s Christmas!

The countdown to Christmas is on and parents the world over are feeling the heat. With Santa coming to town in just a few days, St. Nick’s mom and dad helpers are scurrying to prepare for his arrival.  Around here that means stocking up on stocking stuffers. One seasonal surprise my 8-year-old will be waking up to on December 25th is a delightful book filled with festive poems. It’s Christmas is a collection of whimsical prose that are silly, sweet and perfect for the season. Author Jack Prelutsky does a phenomenal job of making merry with his hilarious takes on … Continue reading

7 Things to do for the Christmas Season in your Homeschool

Study the history of Christmas.  Engage your children with the history of Christmas such as a look into the background of Christmas carols, the history of the candy cane, history of Santa, the biblical story of Christ’s birth. Study Christmas celebrations around the world.  Start with the country of your family and move on from there depending on interest. Perhaps you could enjoy a traditional meal of a particular country? Practice giving.  There are so many ways to share the Christmas spirit with your children and those around you.  The best way is to demonstrate giving.  Donate toys to a children’s … Continue reading

Christmas Craft: Terracotta Pot Rudolph

Christmas is a magical time for preschoolers.  They love all the carols and cartoons about Frosty and Rudolph.  Rudolph has always been a favorite Christmas character with my kids. Another love held by my children is getting their hands messy making Christmas crafts.  What better combination than Rudolph and crafts?  Knowing that the best crafts are simple, especially during the busy holiday season, I decided on a craft that did not require paint, scissors, or paper.  Crazy, right? Terracotta Pot Rudolph Supplies: Terracotta pot.  (Chose a small  size.  You can find a variety at craft stores to chose from.) (2) … Continue reading

Disney as Christmas Americana

What is it about Disney and Christmas? The two just seem to go together. I was at the post office last week, and while waiting in line I noticed that I could purchase two holiday-designed wrapping paper sets. One of them featured Disney characters. I can’t think of any other brand for which it wouldn’t seem weird to see its characters plastered all over Christmas-themed items. Yet the more I think about it, the more instances I recall of Disney and Christmas intersecting. For years we had Disney ornaments on our tree; some of them were actually thematically-appropriate, with Goofy … Continue reading

Your Home Based Business Christmas Party

Around this time of year, many people are getting ready to attend their company or office holiday party. If you are a home – based professional, especially if you used to work in an office or at another place where the annual holiday party was something you enjoyed, you may feel a little sad that you will not be attending those festivities this year. On the other hand, some people really do not like attending company holiday parties so you may feel relieved that you do not have to endure another year of listening to your former boss sing Christmas … Continue reading

A Christmas Party for $40

For those of you who were reading about my progress in planning our ward Christmas party, I must give an update! It was actually a huge success. So much so that I’m hoping they don’t think I should be in charge of this every year. I have to admit that it added a lot of stress to my life during the Christmas season, which is already stressful enough as it is. So, I think I might have to pass if they ask me next year. The decor was the best part, I think. My Bishop originally told me that I … Continue reading

Blending Christmas Traditions

Seeing as it is Christmas Eve, I am automatically thinking of traditions. Many of us have traditions in our own families, and when we merge families together, sometimes celebrating all of the traditions can be a task. This year, I am so very lucky to have some members of my family staying with me this Christmas. My parents are here, bringing the traditions that I had growing up, and my sister and her husband and two kids are here, bringing their own traditions. Let’s not forget my husband, and his family traditions. So, this year, we are essentially celebrating three … Continue reading

How to Put Christ back into Christmas

‘Christmas would be great if they didn’t try and bring religion in it,’ I heard someone say. Well I’m sorry, but you can’t have Christmas without Christ. That’s what Christmas is all about. Santa and presents, the tree and decorations, food and family and all those other things are peripheral. They are not what make Christmas. You can have all those things and it may be a celebration of some sort but it is not Christmas. Christmas is about Jesus. Too often though, He is pushed aside. So here are some ways to put Christ back into Christmas. Send out … Continue reading

Christmas Traditions

This time of year we are faced with all the materialism the world has to offer. One must stop and think of what happened to simple family Christmas tradition that keep the spirit of the holiday alive. Do we remember why we celebrate Christmas? Sugar Plum dreams fill our heads but is there room for Christ and family? This year many families are facing difficult economic times. This causes many to go beyond their means to provide what the world calls a good Christmas or feel depressed for being unable to provide presents. If you feel out of the Christmas … Continue reading

Have a Merry Mary Engelbreit Christmas

Reading a Mary Engelbreit picture book is like wrapping yourself in a flannel blanket fresh from the dryer and snuggling into the down-filled cushions of Pottery Barn’s Charleston sofa with a cup of hot cocoa and marshmallows on a bitterly cold day. It’s certainly the feeling I got when reading the award-winning author’s newest release: A Merry Little Christmas: Celebrate from A to Z. The heartwarming tale follows little Gregory Mouse as he navigates his way through an alphabet of Christmas favorites. My six-year-old immediately skipped to the “T” page since her name begins with the 20th letter of the … Continue reading