Don’t Let Your Finances Hold You Back from Your Dreams

Stuck in a rut? Want to embark on a new career, become a stay at home parent, go on a fabulous vacation, buy a new home? Whatever your dream for yourself and your family, don’t let financial trouble get in the way. You can fulfill your dream despite poor finances if you stay focused, have a plan and spend your energy on working toward your dream. The first step is really make your dream a real goal. Write it down, tell others about it, find a picture that represents your dream and paste it in a prominent place. Next, figure … Continue reading

The Internet And Your Finances

The internet is a very useful tool for keeping on top of all things financial. We can check bank balances any time, pay bills quickly without using a stamp, research investments, and more. It can also be a budget buster, if you are not careful. Online shopping is fast and easy – almost too fast and too easy. Advertisements are everywhere you turn. Sometimes, you visit an online store to buy something that you need, only to be enticed to add an extra item or two or more to your cart in order to get free shipping. Of course, that … Continue reading

Are You Hiding From Your Finances?

One sure way to get into or stay caught up in a financial mess is called the “ostrich approach”. Ostriches are pretty cool birds, but they are known for sticking their heads in the sand when confronted with danger. In case you are curious, ostriches do not really stick their heads in the sand – that is myth which has been perpetuated through time. They do lie down and play dead when confronted with something that they feel they can not outrun. The “ostrich approach” is still an appropriate analogy for what not to do about messy financial situations. Some … Continue reading

How Can I Protect My Family’s Finances?

Despite our best efforts to plan and budget, sometimes things happen that throw our families’ finances so far off track that we may wonder whether we will ever be able to meet some of the financial goals that we had set for ourselves. Things like retirement, college educations for the kids, and even home ownership can seem like distant fantasies when times get tough and you are living in survival mode. The good news is that as bleak as things may seem, all is not lost. You do not have to give up on your family’s financial goals. With some … Continue reading

Wrap Up Your Finances Before The End Of The Year

I am sure that you are very busy preparing for the holidays right now. The thought of squeezing any more to – do’s onto your already gigantic list is probably not very appealing right about now. If you are up to it, though, there are a few things that you can do before the end of the year that could save you some money. Many of these things do not take that long, and the money that you could make or save doing them could help to offset the cost of all of those holiday expenses. Since you get one … Continue reading

Funerals and Finances

Have you ever stopped to think about your funeral? Most people don’t unless we’re at a service for someone else, and then we might comment to our spouse, “Don’t bury me in a coffin like that.” Then we just go on our way without saying much more. But you can save not only hassle, but money, if you take the time to think about it now. My dad passed away eighteen months ago. He and his wife had purchased a package from the local mortuary that included their viewing, caskets, funeral programs, embalming, flowers … the only thing it didn’t … Continue reading

Talking to Your Parents About Their Finances

There are many things that people tend to become concerned about as their parents get older. Things like the physical and mental health and well being of their elderly parents are often top of mind for many adult children. The finances of elderly parents are also often a cause for great concern, especially if the adult children do not live close to them. How can you help to ensure that your parents stay current with their bills and stay away from scam artists who target the elderly without offending them? It is a delicate path to walk, to be sure, … Continue reading

Involve Children in Family Finances

When I was a little girl I got an allowance. I had to do chores to get this allowance. When I was really little, I would gather up all the bedroom trash cans and empty them in the big can on the service porch. When I was bigger, I had to load and unload the dishwasher. I don’t think I often got an allowance without something tied to it. In junior high school my parents tried to monetarily break me of my underachieving ways. I underachieved with amassing cash stores too. I was reading a piece by Suze Orman and … Continue reading

An Easy Way To Simplify Your Business Finances

When you own and operate your own home-based business, it can be tempting to just place all of your earnings into your regular bank account and use that same account to make all of your personal and business purchases. If this is your current business accounting strategy, it may be time to rethink things a bit and consider giving your business its own checking and savings accounts. One major reason why it is important to have separate accounts for your business and personal funds is ease of record keeping. When you keep all of your money together, it can be … Continue reading

Getting Your Finances Straight Before the Hospital Bills Arrive

When it comes to paying for prenatal care and labor and delivery, get your ducks in a row before you give birth. While eight months may not be enough time to get completely prepared financially, preparing for the large stack of bills before they arrive will give you the upper hand and reduce your stress. First of all, figure out what you can afford. Not many people have the kind of cash it takes to pay a hospital bill in full when it is due, so most of us end up making monthly payments. Figure out what the maximum monthly … Continue reading