Homeschool Questions: Keeping Preschool Fun

“Q: A lot of people are anti – schooling for preschool age, but by 4yr. old is asking to play school, and wants to do “home work” like his cousins. A friend was generous enough to give me a preschool activity book. I’ve tried to stay away from “instructing” him by counting cars and sorting colors of marbles, but when he’s playing, he gets frustrated with me when I suggest counting or sorting in the situation. But then later he’ll say, “I want to have school” and pull out that activity book and work/play in it for quite a while. … Continue reading

“Who’s Your Daddy?” DNA Clinic Answers Genealogy Questions

“Who’s Your Daddy?” is a mobile DNA testing facility. The purpose is to provide paternity testing for whomever comes in to request it. This could answer many questions genealogists have about their own family tree. Some wonder whether people are ready for this type of information. Paternity testing isn’t something new. It has been done for years. You may have watched a television program that revealed the results of a paternity test in front of a live, in studio, audience. Paternity testing is a good way to find a scientific, accurate, answer to the question of who the biological father … Continue reading

Fun Gift for Scrapbook Fans

With so many new memory book supplies being introduced throughout the year, finding the perfect gift for your favorite scrapper is a piece of cake… or not. Often crafters can get overwhelmed by the sheer number of scrapbooking tools, albums, paper and embellishments on the market today. This is especially true for busy scrappers who don’t have the time to research constantly changing product choices. For scrapbooking fans with limited time to browse through stores or peruse new items online, consider presenting them with a kit club membership. The monthly clubs come with all the supplies needed to craft several … Continue reading

Fun for Multi-Generational Get-Togethers

Growing up, my maternal grandparents lived less than two miles away from my home, while my great-grandparents lived less than 8 miles away. Consequently, it was not uncommon for three or four generations of family members to gather on the weekends for a barbeque or other function. Besides blood, food was the tie that bound us all together. Oh, and games. My family loves “healthy competition.” I realize that many families are not as blessed to live so close to immediate and extended relatives, so you might want to save these family game night activities for your next reunion. Otherwise, … Continue reading

Fun Calorie Burning Comparisons

Have you ever wondered how many calories you burn grocery shopping? What about running? Has the question, “how much more can I burn chewing gum rather than sitting still?” I know I have wondered how many calories I burn typing. It has crossed my mind that I just may burn more typing than changing a diaper. Would taking pictures of kids playing burn more calories than taking pictures of still life? If these questions ever crossed your mind I have a fun site for you. has fun comparison apps to help you determine who many calories you are burning … Continue reading

Focus on Organization with Clutter Busting Questions

Before you start to get organized, take a good look around at our stuff and start asking questions! When you ask questions of your stuff, it quickly becomes clear to you what needs to be done in order to put your home into a better organized state with fewer clutter. Clutter busting doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of all of your stuff, although paring down is usually a good idea. Rather it means having a place for everything that you love or need, and having systems set up to keep everything where it belongs. Start Big and … Continue reading

Preschool Math: Birthday Fun

Math lessons are fun for little ones when you use fun and different math manipulatives. I found inspiration when I was at a party store recently. I decided to do a unit study on birthdays and use candles as a math manipulative. Supplies: Purchase the number candles 0-9. You may want to get an extra zero to make 100. Purchase a package of regular birthday candles in different colors but the same amount for each adding up to 100. Cupcake liners Styrofoam to make a birthday “cake”. Decorate as you see fit. Lessons: Have your child put the number candles … Continue reading

Fun with Amelia Bedelia, Part 1

When I was a child my mom used to read me bedtime stories. Many of those stories are still some of my favorites today. Whenever I see a book I once remember as a child nostalgia takes over and I promptly purchase the book for my children. Amelia Bedelia is one such book that lives fondly in my heart. I could not wait to share it Amelia’s antics with my children. So, it only made sense that Amelia would find her way into one of my weekly Book Focus Lessons I design for my little girls. My Book Focus Lessons … Continue reading

A Fun Idea For A Family History Project

When you are doing genealogy research, it can sometimes be tempting to stick to the nuts and bolts of names and dates so that you can keep your research moving and complete your family tree. While completing something that you set out to accomplish is certainly a worthwhile and important goal, you may want to do other family history projects concurrently with your family tree research, or after you have finished your tree. The projects that you create will preserve your family’s history for future generations, so any type of project that you do is sure to be appreciated. Humor … Continue reading

Bob Books: A Fun Way to Learn to Read

At a glance… Grade Level: preschool thru early elementary Use as: first reader books Parent instruction: high Prep time: low Cost: Sets can be purchased for approx. $12.00 Introducing a child to the written word can be a daunting task. One of the questions I get the most from moms with preschoolers is “how do you teach a child to read?” I always recommend the Bob Book Sets. Bob Book Sets contain twelve small paperback books with about five pages. Each page slowly builds up on the number of words on each page. Each word is based on only a … Continue reading