Why Old Video Games Systems are Good

Kids want a video game system? Shop around for an older system for much happiness. There has never been a time when I have purchased the latest new video game for my kids. It just doesn’t make sense. Of course, I am not a complete grouch. In fact, they have a number of older video games to play with at their disposal at all times, and I haven’t heard a single complaint. The fact that these systems are older ones isn’t a problem. In fact it is a benefit. Here is why. Cost Hands down, older video game systems will … Continue reading

Freebies for Games, Music, and More!

There are many ways to save money, but none beat getting stuff for free! The trick to making that work is to find the freebies before they disappear. Since most are not heavily advertized, this can require a little luck and a whole lot of effort. Check out this blog for a quick look at a bunch of freebies that I found today. Plants Vs Zombies HD is currently being offered as a free download for iPad. It requires iOS 3.2 or later. According to the Tweet sent out today by @PlantsvsZombies, this offer is good until February 28, 2013. … Continue reading

Five Ways to Afford Video Games

Are your kids asking for the $70 Skylanders game or a new video gaming device that costs more than your first car did? Video games can get expensive, and because new and hot games are constantly emerging, and the old technology can become obsolete in a year or two, many parents feel like they are spending quite a bit of their budgets keeping their kids up to speed with video games. To reduce the cost of video games, try the following options. Consider an Older System The newer the gaming system or computer, the more it will cost. Consider purchasing … Continue reading

Your Kids, Video Games and Fruit

If you have a tough time getting your children to eat fruit, you might consider unplugging their video games. In what some may consider a complete waste of time and money, researchers in the Netherlands have unearthed a fact that most parents have known for a while:  Kids who play video games promoting fruit don’t crave apples, oranges, grapes, kiwi or any other type of fresh produce upon completing the online challenges. According to the new study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Dutch scientists expected their young research participants to crave more wholesome snacks after playing video … Continue reading

5 Benefits of Video Games

My son’s favorite activity after playing basketball is playing video games.  If I allowed, he could play video games all day long.  He plays sports, Star Wars, Halo, and Sonic video games.  Like many moms, I assumed video games were a complete waste of time.  He was only allowed to play after I was certain there was nothing else he could possibly do with this time.   Then one day I overheard my brother saying how good my son was at playing the football video game.  Thinking that was strange, my husband explained that our son learned to make good … Continue reading

Playhouse Video Games for Kids

Have a kid youre trying to keep quiet? Or perhaps youre up for a challenge yourself? Check out the free games that we now carry at Families.com, courtesy of MaxGames! Click a game below to Play! Nameless Game Pizza Shack Elv is Black 2 Wierd Adventure Crunch Bounce Crusher Dino K Andro Kids Journey Mouse Burger Builder Monsta Truk Pacman

Free After School Games

Your kids can have fun after school or on the weekends without the expense of organized activities. In fact these games will nurture creativity and build social skills. Use toys and objects that you already have, so you won’t have any additional expense. The best part is that these driveway games can be changed and adapted according to the number of kids available and their ages, as well as the time that you have available. While the weather is still nice, I find that homework goes much easier if the kids get a chance to run off some energy before … Continue reading

Five Classic Baby Shower Games

Guess Mom’s Tummy Size: You will need: String or yarn and scissors. Have each woman pull the yarn to the size they believe would fit perfectly around the Mother-To-Be’s center of her pregnant tummy. After everyone cuts their string, compare the results to the Mommy-To-Be’s actual tummy. How Many Baby Items Can You Name: You will need: pad of paper and pen for each woman. Have each guest write down as many baby products as they can name within 5 minutes. You will be surprised how hard this gets toward the end. Don’t say “Baby”: You will need: baby safety … Continue reading

Sandbox Games

My girls love the sandbox. However, there are times when even they get bored with it. They can only play with the same toys and make the same sand molds for so long. Since I enjoy this time with them and I like to make my home a place they desire to be, I have come up with some cool ideas to keep the sandbox interesting. Simple Sandbox Fun Sandbox Math Gather measuring cups and have the kids explore how many tablespoon scoops it takes to fill a cup, etc. Make sand molds using different size buckets and teach big, … Continue reading

It’s Time for the Special Olympics Summer Games!

Summer time comes with many wonderful things. The weather gets nice and warm. Many families are able to go on a vacation. It is a time to relax. It is also when the Special Olympics Summer Games happens! Special Olympics of Southern California will hold their games this weekend. The Special Olympics Summer Games happen in June of every year. Children, (and adults), who have an intellectual or physical disability are able to participate in athletic competitions. The Special Olympics includes a fun and welcoming environment filled with people who understand and support the athletes. In order to participate, a … Continue reading