Your Health Insurance Covers Flu Shots from the Pharmacy

Are you planning on getting a flu shot this year? You have some options about where to go to receive one. You can try to get an appointment at your doctor’s office. Or, you can go to the nearest pharmacy, and get your flu shot whenever it is most convenient for you to do so. Bring your health insurance card to the pharmacy. According to the Center for Disease Control, the best way to prevent yourself from having the flu is to go and get a flu shot. It also helps to practice good health habits, such as washing your … Continue reading

American Express Spring Fling

American Express is conducting a Spring Fling promotion. When you buy two American Express gift cards, they will send you a $25 Spring Fling gift card in the mail. When I first heard of this promotion, I wasn’t very impressed. It’s a great promotion, but I don’t need any gift cards right now. Then I started thinking about it. These Amex gift cards work anywhere an American Express credit card is accepted. I pay for gas and groceries with my debit card. Why couldn’t I use the gift cards instead? I would get use out of the Amex cards and … Continue reading