iPad App: Homeschool Helper

When I was in the market for a planner, I could not find the right one. I also knew that I did not want one more book to at my desk. So, after reading about the Homeschool Helper app, I decided to splurge and spend the $4.99 and give it a try. After all, $4.99 for a planner is a pretty good deal and especially so for this app. I highly recommend it if you enjoy using your iPad for homeschooling. Some may still prefer the pen and paper method over the type and iPad method. Normally, I would agree … Continue reading

Desk FDR Used as Insurance Salesman Gets New Home

Before Franklin D. Roosevelt became President of the United States, he worked as an insurance salesman. The desk that he used still exists, and is being donated to the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum. In the 1920 Presidential election, a man named James Cox was running as the Democratic presidential candidate. Franklin D. Roosevelt was on the ticket, as the running mate of Cox. Roosevelt would have become Vice President of the United States in that election, had they won. They lost. Shortly after that, in 1921, a man named Van Lear Black hired Roosevelt to work for an … Continue reading

Sesame Street Can Help Your Family Plan for Emergencies

Gone are the days when kids were taught to get under their desks in emergency drills at school. Now kids have the help of beloved friends that will teach them how to stay safe in an emergency and how to help their families plan for disasters. The lovely furry old Grover and others will present your child with key things that they should know and help them to learn it. For example, it is important for children to know their own full names, and there is a fun video that talks about this. You can take the lesson one step … Continue reading

Don’t Fall Asleep At Your Desk – Reclaim Your Energy Now

When you work from home, you are often balancing work with other things in your life, such as taking care of children and taking care of your home. You need a lot of energy to be able to accomplish everything that you do each day. Sometimes that energy is hard to come by. Here are a few different ways that you can boost your energy level without reaching for the coffee pot (again). If you can pinpoint an underlying cause for your lack of energy you can make a big difference in how you feel. One major culprit of low … Continue reading

School Uses iPad to Help Autistic Students Communicate

A school in Connecticut is using iPads to help autistic students to be able to communicate with their teachers and families. The touch screen system that the iPad uses works well with children who have difficulty communicating verbally and are able to use their hands and fingers to manipulate and interact with the iPad screen. There are some apps that have been designed for students who are non-verbal to use in order to indicate what they know, what they want, or what they need. The Milford school district recently purchased three iPads that were handed to families of autistic students … Continue reading

Helpful Hints For A Successful 2011

It’s the New Year, and many of you are probably wondering how you can make your home-based business even more successful than it was last year. There are many ways that you can find increased success in 2011. Here are a couple of ideas for things that you might want to do this year – perhaps even right now, today, or this week. It’s time to update your résumé. This is an important thing to do each year, because you are constantly acquiring new skills as you go about your work. Even though you may not be out there applying … Continue reading

With A Brush Of Love helps Autistic Children

Could the color in your child’s room be affecting his or her behavior? It might be a strange concept to consider, but there appears to be some truth to it. Lauren Henry, the Founder and President of With a Brush of Love, is helping children with autism to experience their optimal learning environment. An article on today’s Huffington Post describes more about Lauren Henry’s ideas. She has a background in child psychology, education, and art. She observed that students who were on the autism spectrum often became overwhelmed by the environment in the mainstream classroom they have been included into. … Continue reading

Burning Calories at Your Desk

While most of us pack on the calories while working at our desks (the occasional cookie, donut, or an entire BLT sandwich) there are some companies that are actually helping employees burn calories while on the job. A few weeks back I saw a report on ABC News about a Minneapolis law firm that has done away with traditional oak wood desk and leather chair combos and replaced them with treadmills and raised computer stands so employees can type and workout without leaving their cubicles. The report also profiled a guy from Illinois who has adopted the same concept in … Continue reading

How Can You Really HELP With Homework?

In the world I grew up in, I don’t think my parents ever really “helped” me with my homework. At least not in the sense that parents help their children now. Sure, they bought me supplies and told me where the butcher paper and pencil sharpener was, but that was about it. Now parents are expected to get right in there and do it with and FOR their kids–signing papers, sprinkling glitter, etc. As a parent, what really are the ways you can be helpful and encouraging of your child’s take-home school work? I think the best thing a parent … Continue reading

Help! Building a Business Library at Home

Other than a couple books on “style” for writers and a nice new paperback copy of “Webster’s Dictionary,” (the old one finally becoming so tattered I had to let it go) my work-at-home reference library is somewhat lacking. I’ve accumulated many books on nonprofit management, fund raising, grant writing, and public policy over the years, but these aren’t really reference books I’ve been turning to recently as I’ve been building my freelancing and public relations business. It dawned on me that this might be a good topic to get some feedback from all of you work-at-homers about… In the past, … Continue reading