The Savvy Mom’s Thoughts on “the Hottest” New Baby Products

My disclaimer is that I’m not really that savvy. The word “experienced” fits better but it makes the title way too long. In any case, have you ever wondered whether or not you’re really going to need that nifty new thing in the stores that seems to be the “it“ baby product of the century? I remember registering with my first and remembering that I wished I had brought a friend with me to tell me what I really needed. Well, you don’t have to because I’m introducing a new feature to the baby blog. updates their “Movers and … Continue reading

The Great Pacifier Debate

I was recently shocked to find that the AAP was encouraging the use of pacifiers while baby sleeps. It seems that the use of a pacifier while baby is sleeping helps reduce the risk of SIDS. Interestingly, they readily admit that there are some negatives to using a pacifier. Still, according to the AAP, the fact that the use of a pacifier lowers the risk of SIDS, outweighs the other possible negative effects of pacifier use. I may be bold, but I’m not so sure I agree with the AAP. I have tended to disagree on many of their positions … Continue reading