Help Me, Insurance Broker! You’re My Only Hope!

After becoming completely frustrated by my attempts to find affordable health insurance, I have decided to get some help. Today, I called an insurance broker in the hopes that she could help me in my quest to get insured. We are still at the beginning of the process. Could this work? Earlier today, I learned that the health insurance plan that I was recently approved for was way more expensive than I can afford. Needless to say, I was both disappointed and frustrated. If someone like me, who has a college degree, and who reads about insurance news every day, … Continue reading

Lost Highways – Curtiss Ann Matlock

I love finding new authors (well, new to me) and Curtiss Ann Matlock captured my imagination from the first page. Her narrative voice is so friendly and quirky—I was pulled in to the character even before I picked up on the plot. Rainey Valentine is a complicated woman. Complicated in a good way, though. She’s been divorced twice but still believes in true love. She’s taken a little time off from her ‘real’ life to follow a dream—her mother, champion barrel-racer, left her the prize horse and trailer in her will, and Rainey is driving around the country to compete … Continue reading

I Could Never Return The Call to The Underwriter Lost on 9 11

I was late to the office on the morning of September 11, 2001. Living on the west coast we woke to the news of the terrorists attacks on the World Trade Center, by the time I was sipping my coffee the news of the Pentagon and Flight 93 caused an uneasy feeling that more attacks might come to LA or some other place on the west coast. Most of us were late that morning. Knowing people we worked with on a daily basis were in the towers we saw crash to ruins live on the morning news. We had business … Continue reading

Judy Collins: A Voice Still Lovely and Strong

Judith Marjorie Collins was born on May 1, 1939, in Seattle, Washington. She studied classical piano as a child with Antonio Brico, and made her public debut at the age of 13, performing Mozart’s “Concerto for Two Pianos.” Three years later, she was playing the guitar, drawn to the folk revival sounds of the early 1960s and the music particularly of Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger. She performed in Greenwich Village, New York, busking and playing in clubs until she landed a contract with Elektra records with whom she was associated for thirty-five years. In 1961, at the age of … Continue reading

My Thoughts on Mothering Special Kids

In April, during spring break I had the rare opportunity to be almost-childless for a week. My four sons were sent off to California, to be with their father. My two stepdaughters were sent off to St. George, to be with their mother. That left seven full days with only my three-year-old to manage. Let’s see… what could I do with a free week? I wouldn’t have to be my son Garrett’s blood sugar sheriff. I wouldn’t have to worry about ADHD medications for my stepdaughters, or keeping them on track with their homework. I wouldn’t have to do Sunni’s … Continue reading

Using Social Media for Weight Loss

As part of my business and as a blog owner, I am on social media all the time. All. The. Time. It is the place to be to promote your business or to keep in touch with friends and family. It is easy, convenient, and on your timeframe. It may get bad press from those who feel a more intimate form of communication is lost due to the emergence of social media, but I disagree. I think it helps connect families, friends, and network. It gives a person a wider audience and more ways to connect. In my time online, … Continue reading

Nothing To Be Ashamed Of

The weeks following my divorce were devastating to me. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep. It took everything in me just to breathe. I had lost everything; my home, my “family,” my income, my dreams, and most importantly myself. My identity was so wrapped up in my role as a wife and mother that I didn’t know who I was now that I was no longer someone’s wife. I was barely functional and spent that time in a deep depression that I had little hope of pulling out of on my own. My parents begged me to get some counseling, … Continue reading

West Memphis Three Freed – Part 1

Sometimes I think of a blog to write, but the category it belongs in may be a bit blurry. Many blogs I write could fall both within the Pop Culture and Green Living blog. Such is this blog about the West Memphis Three. In 1993, three teenagers – Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley, and Jason Baldwin – were accused of committing a horrible crime just across the river from my hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. Three eight-year-old boys – Stevie Branch, Michael Moore, and Christopher Byers – were found murdered. The three teenagers were convicted in what many later called a “witch … Continue reading

Domestic Violence Hurts Everyone

Tonight while working on my scrapbooking, I pulled out a picture that instantly brought tears to my eyes, and terror to my heart. Twelve years ago, my mother had to place her husband in a care facility. He had been in a car accident, sustained dementia, and had become abusive to the point of holding a gun on her and threatening her life. After she placed him, she asked me and my little family to come live with her. I moved in, bringing my husband, my little daughter, and my very pregnant belly. Her husband figured out a way to … Continue reading

Upcoming Disney Flicks

Because it’s the first month of the year I thought I’d take a look at some of Disney’s upcoming movies for 2011. I’m going to skip over highly anticipated films like the fourth “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Cars 2,” because I’ve posted about them before, and more general knowledge is known about them. Instead, I want to feature lower-key Disney movies, ones that are perhaps more bubbly fare than blockbuster bait, but should be enjoyable nonetheless. At the moment Disney’s got three such movies announced: “Prom,” “Mars Needs Moms,” and “Winnie the Pooh.” The first, “Prom,” is a blend … Continue reading