Feeding Your Toddler – What We’re Eating Now

One common dilemma faced by the parents of toddlers is getting them to stop playing and exploring for long enough to refuel their bodies with nutritious foods. Exactly how to do that is up to you. What we eat at our house and how we eat it may be different than in your home. What is most important is that we as parents offer our toddlers plenty of opportunities to eat nutritious foods throughout their day. In the morning, Dylan wakes up hungry. We all wake up at about the same time, so we head out to the kitchen. He … Continue reading

Caution, Items in Sun Get Hot

Summer is quickly approaching and the sun’s heat can be very intense. When we take our toddlers outside to play, we have to exercise caution against many things. We put sun block on our little ones so they don’t get burned. We bring plenty of fluids so they don’t get dehydrated and we try to keep our little ones out of as much direct sunlight as we can. What precautions are we taking at the playground? There aren’t any reminders that playground equipment gets hot. Even if the playground is not in direct sunlight, heat will permeate surfaces. We wish … Continue reading

Toddler Eating Habits

Many toddlers are picky eaters. However, I haven’t met a toddler who doesn’t love macaroni and cheese. I also haven’t met a toddler who will eat an item from each of the food groups on a daily basis. According to my son’s pediatrician, as long as he is eating when he is hungry, I shouldn’t worry. The problem I have with this philosophy is that our pediatrician isn’t doing my grocery shopping. Last month, my son was determined to eat macaroni and cheese for almost every meal. I could add green beans, peas or potatoes to the meal and he … Continue reading

5 Ways to Spend Less Eating Out on Vacation

Traveling costs can add up. And one of the biggest expenses after air fare is the cost of food on vacation. Here are five ways that you can be frugal when it comes to the cost of dining out when you are out and about. Cook at “home” Depending on where you are staying, you may be able to get away with cooking at home. Most hotels offer a refrigerator free of charge, and you can use it to store lunch meats, milk and other items to feed you your lunch and breakfast. Bread, peanut butter and jelly can be … Continue reading

Another Batch of Tips About Getting A Toddler to Eat

It seems that you guys just can’t get enough ideas about getting your toddler or preschooler to eat good food. There must be a lot of picky kids out there (okay, which kids aren’t right?). I am more than happy to oblige with another batch of tips about getting a toddler to eat. Hopefully, some of these ideas will work for you. Magic Animals Creatively transform your food into funny animals or different characters. I find that this tends to me my last resort when a stubborn child won’t eat a certain food no matter how many times I offer … Continue reading

Even More Ways to Get a Toddler to Eat

Do you have a picky eater in your house? Some days I used to think that my children would waste away to nothing. But I refuse to be a short order cook or to serve them food that isn’t nutritionally balanced. So, here are more tricks and tips that have worked for my family and the family of some of my mom friends. Hopefully there is something in here that you can use if you have a picky toddler. Rabbit Wants His Carrot In the last post, I talked about how having Wall-E plate really helped get dinner devoured by … Continue reading

Dr. Phil Smells Fresh Meat and Her Name is Britney Spears

Quick… name the one person you would have least expected to show up at Britney Spears’s hospital room to offer psychological aid to the embattled songstress. Okay, besides Robin Williams. If you answered Dr. Phil McGraw go out and buy yourself a lottery ticket. Dr. Phil… Britney Spears… could the insanity meter gauging this drama peak any more? You’ve got a 26-year-old head shaving, bird flipping, finger lickin’ mother of two young sons who appears to have serious psychological problems and you throw an oversized, over-hyped, TV quack into the mix… Apocalypse now. And the sad part is that Dr. … Continue reading

Murphy’s Law of Toddlerhood

Your toddler loved to eat oatmeal and ate it for three meals out of four in the day. Now you can’t pay her to eat it. She went through an apple juice trend, refusing all other drinks if it wasn’t apple juice. Now she just turns her nose up at the offering. In our house, it was treasure. That’s what the midget called chocolate chip mini muffins. She developed an obsession with them. We couldn’t swap them out for any other food when she wanted treasure for a snack. Then one day, she just stopped eating it altogether – leaving … Continue reading

Sneaky Mama’s Top 9 Tips for Picky Eaters

A few weeks ago, I promised to share some of my secrets to get a picky eater eating more than 2 foods. This is what came of that: The Sneaky Mama’s Guide. I welcome questions on your picky eating problems and I will share a one or two recipes each week until I run out of all my picky eating ideas! I hope it is helpful. I cannot pretend to have all the answers for getting your picky eater to eat. I do hope however, that over the course of several weeks you find at least one tidbit in this … Continue reading

Easy Swedish Meatballs

I love my crock-pot. You can just dump ingredients in, turn it on, and later, with very little work from you, you have a complete dinner! But, I rarely use it for anything other than cooking a pot roast. Because I am a work at home mom, I have resolved to start using it more. It will free me up to do more important things such as spending time with my toddler. So, I started searching online for great recipes. I found this recipe for Easy Swedish Meatballs. Not only does it sound delicious, but also how can you not … Continue reading