Being a Man in the Twenty-First Century

Being a man in the 21st century is a lot different for me now, than what is was for my dad and his dad in the 20th century. My dad and my grandfather were “Men’s Men.” They could work long hours for their family and never complain. They weren’t expected to be sensitive and nurturing. They were the providers. That’s how they showed their love for us. Today’s man is more a blended role. He is still expected to provide, and he is to be a caring, loving, husband and father. He can no longer give the excuse that he … Continue reading

Responding to Bids

What is a bid? A bid is when you reach out to your partner or your spouse or when they are reaching out to you. Most couples make dozens of bids an hour, whether they are conscious or not. Can you identify when your partner is making a bid towards you? A bid can be as simple as: “Good morning. How are you are today?” You respond with: “I’m good. You?” Your spouse says: “I think I slept funny. My neck hurts. Other than that, I’m okay. Are you busy today?” See how this conversation goes? The bids are being … Continue reading