Running to Mommy

Getting married means taking a huge step—not only toward your new spouse, but away from friends and family who used to comprise your whole world. You’ll still love them and share time with them, but your focus should be on your new spouse. One of the hardest adjustments that takes place in a marriage is for the bride to learn to lean on her husband instead of on her mother. Now, not every girl has a close relationship with her mother, but for many, their mom is their confidante and their best friend. They turned to their mom for advice … Continue reading

Talking to Your Teen About Sex

Let’s face it…if you don’t talk to your teens about sex, someone else will. It is likely that they will receive misinformation or not the whole story. But a greater worry than that is the assumption your teen would never engage in sex. I have seen enough talk shows and newscasts to realize no teen is completely safe. Talking to your teen about sex is important, even if it is uncomfortable. It may be uncomfortable for both of you but it is a necessary evil. Believe me, they are hearing more than you realize. Sometimes I shudder when my 6th … Continue reading

My Son the Chick Magnet

I have a chick magnet in my house. It’s my youngest son who is going into middle school. He has not yet discovered an interest in girls but they sure have. As a matter of fact, girls’ fascination with him began in kindergarten. He started receiving notes from girls as soon as they learned how to write. We have a collection of notes that he has received over the years. As he gets older however, I have noticed that the girls get bolder and frankly, a bit more aggressive. Needless to say we have been having a lot of discussions … Continue reading

Involvement in My Sister’s Keeper

Having read the book My Sister’s Keeper I was looking forward to seeing the movie. Did it live up to my expectations? Yes and no. It certainly works well as a movie and is worth seeing. I’m glad I saw it. It’s a powerful movie that raises lots of questions. Even though I knew the storyline, it involved me totaly in the story of Sara(Cameron Diaz) and Brian Fitzgerald (Jason Patric) and their family. For those of you who don’t know, Sara and Brian find out their daughter Kate (Sofia Vassilieva) has Leukemia. The only hope of helping her appears … Continue reading

Causes of a Sexless Marriage

There are more of them out there than we might think. Long time married people who are living a sexless marriage. While a loving marriage may be had without sex, I am sure that many will agree with me when I say that sex and physical intimacy should definitely be a part of marriage and can strengthen it. While sex in marriage is private, it is also something that a couple should not be ashamed about and should seek help if needed. As one of my favorite lines from the movie Moonstruck is said when an older couple goes about … Continue reading

What Do I Do About My Ex-Spouse’s Family?

You have been with your partner for quite some time. You start to drift apart and then it happens. You have tried to repair your relationship, but you both come to the conclusion that it just cannot be repaired. There is too much damage there and too many sad, hurtful memories. You decide that it is best for the both of you to split apart. You both part and go your separate ways, but you still have to see each other because there are children involved. You have to come to some kind of agreement about many difficult situations. One … Continue reading

Change Your Bedding, Change Your Sex Life

Even though the title might suggest such, I’m not about to tell you how to salvage a slumping sex life by simply putting fresh sheets on your bed. (Although, if it has been weeks since you changed them, I could see how that might help.) Rather, I’m talking a makeover for your bed. Courtney, you do realize we’re in the midst of recession, right? Weren’t you the one freaking out about it not too long ago and coming up with ways to survive it without spending a lot of cash? Why, what a great memory you have! Yes, in fact … Continue reading

Are Men Really the Weaker Sex?

I’ve been thinking a bit since reading Courtney’s blog about men being the weaker sex and trying to relate it to the men I am or have been closest too – my husband, son, son-in-law and my father. In each case I can’t see that these guys fit that pattern. As on example, last Saturday when I was launching GROW – UNDER THE SOUTHERN CROSS, an anthology of poems and stories for children and young teenagers, I had nothing but support from the men in my life. Mick spent a great deal of time organizing and printing fliers to send … Continue reading

Is It Time to Teach Your Child the Facts of Life?

One of the great and yet one of the scary things about being a parent is teaching your children about procreation, or the facts of life, or the birds and the bees – whatever you choose to call it. As LDS parents, we have the added advantage of teaching it from a religious perspective and can call on the scriptures and also modern day revelation to help us impress upon our children the deeply spiritual nature of such an act and how sharing it with your spouse can bring you closer together. We can help them to understand also the … Continue reading

Suicide: My Thoughts on One Case

In Suicide: What Do You Think about It? I talked about the varied reactions of people to the phenomenon of suicide. Today I want to talk about a recent example of a typical reaction to suicide, one that I experienced just prior to Christmas, that season of love, family, and pronounced spikes in the annual rate of suicide. The woman in question who took her own life left no note, so the family had no concrete explanation for why she decided to take her own life. Naturally they were upset. I did not know the woman involved but I knew … Continue reading