The Sneaky Mama’s Favorite Chef: Annabel Karmel

When it comes to creating tasty food that’s appealing to little ones, Annabel Karmel has cornered the market as far as I’m concerned. My first “introduction” to Annabel Karmel was when I started making foods for the twins. I just couldn’t stomach the idea of several dollars worth of jarred food flying off the shelves every day. So I got out my handy Braun hand blender and I started to whip up peas, carrots, and baby cereal. Then I got stuck. I was lacking in creativity for preparing my babies’ foods and they weren’t quite ready for roast beef and … Continue reading

Looking for Need

Another place to look for opportunities to share God’s Word with others is by looking to those people who are in need. Everyone needs something from time to time whether it be food or just someone to talk with about the things that are going on in their life. Sharing your time, money, food, clothing, or home with others shows that you care about them and are willing to sacrifice things in your life for them. Christians ought to be looking out for those who are in need. Although many times it is obvious when a person is in need, … Continue reading

Interview with Fresh New Author, Stephanie Fowers

A fresh new voice in the world of LDS chick-lit, Stephanie Fowers, the author of Rules of Engagement (Covenant Communications), is our Monday interview. I’m thrilled to bring her to your attention because she is truly an amazing individual. First off, which makes her near and dear to my heart, she graduated from BYU-Idaho. Here’s a little more about her from her website: “I graduated from BYU Idaho in English and (besides the below freezing temperatures), I loved the small town atmosphere complete with garage bands and pizza joints (Go pizza bombs! That was me, not Stephanie.). Then I served … Continue reading