Time For A New Car

Car problems, they are the absolute worst. Especially when you know nothing about cars. Recently my car has developed quite a few problems. It was getting older and starting to break down, a lot. Since I have to be able to get to work, my car was not a luxury, it’s pretty much a necessity. As a single mother it is even more of a necessity. I need to have a vehicle I can depend on, no one wants to broken down on the side of the road with their kids. Or even scarier, not be able to pick your … Continue reading

Finding More Time To Work

Being a home – based professional gives me the flexibility to work anytime, anywhere. Of course, for me, any time means any time that my son is napping, sleeping, or in the care of my husband or another loving relative. Anywhere does mean just that, though. Today I thought it might be fun to talk about some of the places that I have taken my trusty laptop in the interest of getting work done when the opportunity presents itself. Why today? Well, today I am sitting in the waiting room of the phlebotomy lab at a hospital an hour away … Continue reading

He Loves Me Anyway

It’s been a hard last six months. Okay, it’s been a hard last two years. We’ve had ups and downs – lots of downs – and mostly centered around me and my health (and my frustration about my health). You know what’s amazing to me? My husband loves me anyway. He knows that I can’t be defined by all this stuff that’s happened. He knows that’s not really me. And he knows that if he’s patient, I will return to who I once was. That’s one of the biggest secrets in marriage, I think. We need to look past our … Continue reading

The World of Dating Has Entered Our Home

The world of “dating” has at last entered our home. It is something I wasn’t necessarily dreading but definitely wasn’t looking forward to. I have always said that this time could only come based on certain factors. It wouldn’t be a “magical age” in which permission would be granted. It would be based on things such as grades, my level of trust, the character of my child and so on. In other words, it would be taken on a case-by-case basis. In addition, I have spent the past few years observing the way other families have handled this issue. Now … Continue reading

The Monster in My Bed

This little monster doesn’t hide out under my bed, he crawls in it every night causing his mother lots of sleepless nights instead. When my ex husband and I first got divorced our son had a lot of changes all at once. Mommy and Daddy didn’t live together anymore, we moved in with Grandma and Grandpa, he moved from the crib into a big boy bed, and instead of having his own room he got stuck with Mommy. So when he insisted on sleeping in my bed at first I didn’t mind too much. He was going through a rough … Continue reading

Fear Not

I read an article recently about having courage that got me thinking about some of the decisions I make in my own life. Do I make them because they are safe? Or, do I make them because they are the right choice for me? As a child, I was very timid. I always wanted my sister, who was younger, to try something first. I would see it was OK, then I would jump in to whatever the task at hand was. I was hardly ever the instigator. As an adult, I have overcome a lot of my fears. For example, … Continue reading

Are You Putting Other Things Before Your Husband’s Happiness?

There could be some very big changes coming to my family, which will definitely affect my marriage. My husband applied for a new job and has to call today to set up the interview appointment. The reason this would be such a change is because it is a traveling job. Now if this opportunity had come up even a couple of years ago, I would have been completely against the idea. I would never have thought that my husband traveling could be a good thing for our family. But to be honest, that really would have been rooted in selfishness. … Continue reading

Learning To Trust Yourself

As a parent you want nothing but the best for your children. You love them more than anything in this world and you want to make sure that you make the best possible decisions for them. You set aside your own needs and wants because they are your number one priority. I felt so guilty after my divorce. I thought about how my decision to marry my ex husband had affected our son. How that decision changed his life forever and caused him to go through such a traumatic experience at such a young age. I was overcome with guilt … Continue reading

Time Apart Isn’t a Bad Thing

Recently I have been thinking about how far my marriage has come. There was a time when my husband and I couldn’t seem to handle allowing the other one to go off and do something without each other. I recall the first time I wanted to attend a conference out of town with some friends. This was several years ago and it was called, “Hearts at Home.” As a mom with three young children, it sounded like the perfect opportunity to not only get away and get refreshed but empowered to come back and do my job as a wife … Continue reading

Running to Mommy

Getting married means taking a huge step—not only toward your new spouse, but away from friends and family who used to comprise your whole world. You’ll still love them and share time with them, but your focus should be on your new spouse. One of the hardest adjustments that takes place in a marriage is for the bride to learn to lean on her husband instead of on her mother. Now, not every girl has a close relationship with her mother, but for many, their mom is their confidante and their best friend. They turned to their mom for advice … Continue reading