Target Coupons for LifeSavers, Kraft, Arm & Hammer, and More

Target puts links to special coupons into its weekly online ad. I’m not sure if you can get the same coupons by picking up a copy of their sales paper. Here is a quick look at the coupons that are featured this week, as well as some that are not quite as new (but still good). Nicorette has a coupon that will save you $5.00 when you buy a “select smoking cessation item”. The ad that goes along with this coupon has information about how Nicorette’s smoking cessation program works. Tidy Cats has a coupon that will save you $1.00 … Continue reading

Life Skills: Cooking

The kitchen provides a wonderful opportunity for learning.  A child can see first hand how to divide, add fractions, and cut something in half.  Science in the kitchen is always a highlight of a homeschool day.  The kitchen often serves as a lab for homeschoolers.  Yet, there are times a kitchen needs to be a kitchen.  Sometimes cooking for the sake of learning to cook is valuable. As parents it is our duty to teach our children life skills.  One such life skill is cooking, safety in the kitchen, and safe food handling and food prep.  Often these skills are … Continue reading

Literature Study: Mary Shelley

Mary Shelley: Brief Biography Mary Shelley was born in Somers Town, London, on August 30,1797. Her mother was a feminist and philosopher who died 11 days after Mary was born. Her father, William Godwin, raised her and her older sister. William Godwin was a political philosopher that firmly believed in the rights of the individual. In 1814, Mary began a romance with a political follower of her father, Percy Shelley. Percy was married when he and Mary, 17 at the time, travelled through Europe with Mary’s stepsister. By the time they returned to England Mary was pregnant. The shame followed … Continue reading

Hearts Out to Michelle Beausoleil

Well today I want to talk about a wonderful thing that my high school graduating class is doing for one of our own. As I have mentioned in previous entries we have a high number of cancer in our city and in our graduating class. For women under the age of 40 breast cancer is supposed to be a rare occurrence yet in our class has a very high occurrence rate. The graduating class of Woonsocket Senior High Class of 1988 is rallying to help one of our own. Right now a 41 year old class mate Michelle is in … Continue reading

The Movie “Five” on Lifetime part 3

Hello again, I am continuing talking about the movie “Five” on Lifetime. The next film was called Lili it followed a strong independent woman who wanted to face the cancer diagnosis on her own; or so she thought. She wanted to go to the surgery to have the lumpectomy without any family or friends to be there. When she was waiting in the waiting room prior to surgery and saw a man waiting. Now when they first focused on him you thought he was there waiting on a friend or family but when Lili asked he said that he too … Continue reading

Recast Anxiety: Setting the Stage for Peaceful Scenes in Your Life

If anxiety plays a starring role in your life, it’s time to recast. You deserve the starring role. Anxiety need be little more than a subplot. Make that a cameo. No, even that draws too much attention to it. Anxiety should be one of those characters like “woman on bus” or “man reading newspaper.” You’re aware it’s there, and it serves a purpose, but once the scene’s over, you never think about it again. Certainly, this is an ideal scenario; it’s much easier said than done letting anxious thoughts go for good. But try to remember, you call the shots. … Continue reading

Debunking the Sensitive Child Myth

When my daughter was a toddler she would sob the second I altered the tone or volume of my voice. I once shouted over a noisy lawnmower and the kid cried as though she was being dangled over a pit of fire. “Oh, she’s just a sweet, sensitive girl,” the other mothers would coo when I shared my tales of frustration. To this day, my “sweet, sensitive girl” still covers her ears when she encounters loud or unexpected noises, but at least she doesn’t break down in tears. While many people are quick to label my child as “sensitive” I … Continue reading

Why My Kid Won’t Be Getting a Dog for Christmas

Is it possible to be whined to death? If so, then I need to call my priest to administer Last Rites because I am dying a slow and agonizing death by persistently whiny six-year-old. My kid wants a dog for Christmas. Yes, like Linus and Lucy’s little brother Rerun, my daughter has major puppy envy. She has been lobbying for a Labrador for the past three years. To no avail. Given that she can’t even keep track of her winter gloves, I’m thinking we’ll hold off on having her take responsibility of walking, feeding and nurturing a living, breathing, potty … Continue reading

Being Frugal Is A Way Of Life – New FL Blogger Intro

Finally, I’m writing my Frugal Living introduction post. Better late than never, I always say. I wanted to say hello to my fellow FL living blogger Mary Ann Romans, and all of new bloggers. Since starting with this website about a month ago I’ve been having a lot of fun writing in my various topics. Being able to share and learn is a wonderful thing. As the title of my blog today states, being frugal truly is a way of life, not just one area of it. Many times someone may start out counting pennies in the area of … Continue reading

The Busy Life of the Preschooler

Preschoolers are wonderful…think about it. They still think parents knows everything and they think we are perfect (though Grandpa is better). They still like to give kisses and the sweetest hugs for no reason (well, sometimes they do it for the cookie), and best of all they still want to cuddle. This morning, my Deanna, woke in the most loving mood; as she stumbled in the kitchen with her Dora the Explorer jammies turned sideways from the long night of sleep. She was funny to watch as she had tusseled hair–we call “bed head”–and three stuffed bunnies. She gave me … Continue reading