Promoting Healthy Eating in Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers

Today the girls and I went out to lunch with my moms’ group. We sat at a table with a bunch of my friends. Baby E sat strapped into the booster seat. I had another device for Jessie. It wasn’t meant to boost but rather keep the child from falling out of the chair. I didn’t install it all that well and Jessie wriggled out of it when she was done sitting. These luncheons with my moms’ group are informative and fun. Not only do we all learn something from the speaker, but I get foster parent education credits. Today’s … Continue reading

What Would You Force Your Spouse To Do?

I know the word “force” seems a little strong, and generally speaking in a healthy marriage you’d never think of “forcing” your spouse to do anything, but there could come a time when force is needed. For instance, say your spouse was witness to some injustice, either at work or on the streets, but they were afraid of speaking up. You know speaking up’s the right thing to do, but you can’t seem to convince them. Until you get the bright idea to force them to, either by driving them to the police station or setting up a meeting with … Continue reading

Ask a Baby Blogger: The Gory Details

Question: I wanted to ask you, since you are clearly in favor of breastfeeding, what you think about women who put down other women for not breastfeeding? Also, do you think there’s a limit (please say yes) to how much information should be shared by other moms in a conversation regarding breastfeeding and child birth. I almost answered this question privately, as really it doesn’t have to do with babies as much as motherhood and manners. But then I went back to my own early days as a mother. . .even during my pre-mothering days when I was pregnant. I … Continue reading

Advance Planning Before Mom Has Surgery: Home and Family

This Monday, I will be having surgery, and my estimated recovery time is the standard 6-weeks. While I’ll be able to do many things after the surgery I know I won’t be doing everything I usually do. The idea of catching up after recovery is more frightening to me then the surgery itself. After all this is going to be my 8th time to have an operation so, I have a good idea what I am in for. I’m not in the mood to fall too far behind this time. So, rather then have my whole world of responsibilities stand … Continue reading

Ask a Baby Blogger: Are You Anti-Formula?

Someone sent me a private message saying, “I noticed that you only write articles about breastfeeding. Why don’t you write anything about formula? Are you anti-formula? I figured that if one person had this question, perhaps more of our baby readers did as well. I will start by saying that I am absolutely, 100% NOT against formula. It provides a needed alternative to moms who can’t or shouldn’t breastfeed and I do recognize that. So why do I write all of the breastfeeding articles? Reason #1 Most of the articles I write for baby are on the topics of multiples … Continue reading

Should Formula Cans Contain Warning Labels?

We have been talking about this particular issue in the forums. You can catch up on the debate here. However, I have to say that there isn’t too much of a debate. The overwhelming majority of people feel that warning labels on formula cans are “like a slap in the face to mothers who choose or have to formula feed.” However, like all debates, we are fueled with our personal experiences and I thought it might be helpful to provide some background information on the issue. Background The initiative to put warning labels on cans of formula is backed by … Continue reading

The Outrage Over the Breast

We’re pro-breast here at the Baby Blog – we’re pro anything that is comfortable and healthy for mom and baby. So if you choose to breastfeed, huzzah, if you choose to express the milk and bottle feed, huzzah and if you chose to rely on formula, huzzah for you. So imagine my surprise this morning as I read a vitriolic letter written to a parenting magazine about having a bare breast on the cover of it with a baby attached to the breast, nursing. It’s a beautiful photograph and the baby was adorable. Yet the reader labeled this photograph as … Continue reading