Penny and Her Doll

What’s in a name? If you are my young daughter, not so much. In her world, playing the name game is a piece of cake because what you see is typically what you get. Case in point: Her stuffed dinosaur’s name is Dino; her fuzzy black lab = Blackie; her plastic fish-shaped bath toy, Fishy; and her life-sized plush monkey, you guessed it–Monks. Of course, not all kids are able to slap a moniker on a prized possession as quickly and easily as my kid does. In fact, for some children, the task of naming a beloved toy is serious … Continue reading

Baby Names: Beyond Pink and Blue

When I was seven years old I swore that I would name my first daughter Sarah. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. I would give birth to a boy named John and a girl named Sarah. Of course, my future husband would happily agree to the chosen names because, you know… he loved me… and who wouldn’t want a son named John and a daughter named Sarah? Oh, and the huz would commute daily to his job on Wall Street from our home in Greenwich, Connecticut, while John, Sarah and I baked cookies from scratch. Ah, sweet, innocent seven. … Continue reading

A Layout of Nicknames

As most parents, when my children were born, I was constantly giving them little nicknames. It seems that when they are babies, you can’t help but want to give them all kinds of cute names that you think of when you look at them. One of my favorite layouts that I ever did was a scrapbook page about all of the nicknames my daughter had. It was a lot of fun. The title of the layout was, “It’s official. She is my Bug”. Bug was what I called her most of the time, but I also had lots of other … Continue reading

Using Pet Names In Your Relationship

Sweetie! Darling! Love! Boo-boo! Snookums! Shudder, guffaw and pass the insulin. There is nothing so sweet and compulsive as the first time your mate calls you a pet name. No matter how odd the nickname or how endearing it is, when your mate is comfortable enough with you to crown you with a nickname, it makes you feel special. It’s amazing what a little phrase of affection can do. Now there are simply some people who pass around endearments with the ease of how they smile. They are quick, warm platitudes that they give as willingly to someone they just … Continue reading

The Pets Blog Week in Review for April 21-27

Aimee and I went on a writing rampage last week bringing you more articles than usual. Because we wrote so much, you might have missed one or two. Thank goodness we provide this handy Week in Review cheat sheet! Monday, April 21 In The Cat and the Binder Clip, Aimee researched the effects of “clipnosis.” Tuesday, April 22 In Velvet Ears, Golden Paws, Angel Butt, I talked about one of my favorite nicknames for Murph. Aimee wondered if you spend more on your pets than on yourself. Wednesday, April 23 In a very useful article, Aimee shared some tips for … Continue reading

How to Write a Love Note

When’s the last time you wrote your loved one a love note? If it’s been a while, you might want to consider taking some time today to do it. It’s Love Note Day after all! “Sounds nice, but I don’t know how to write a love note.” Of course you do! It’s as simple as finding a piece of paper, a pen, and simply scrawling “I love you” across it and giving it to your spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, or significant other. “That’s it?” Hey, you want simple, I’ll give you simple. But if you want to dress it up a bit, … Continue reading

Identifying Baby

We go through an agonizing amount of time deciding on what to name baby. Do we name them after someone in the family? Do we blend names? A grandmother’s name with another’s middle name? Do we name the son after the father or follow the family tradition and attach a junior or a third to their name? Do name the daughter after the mother and give her an affectionate nickname to separate the two? However we decide to name our children, once we have given them their name – we will often use pet names for them as they are … Continue reading

“You’re My Little Love Bug” by Heidi R. Weimer

You’re my little love bug/My cuddly kangaroo/My funny bunny/Sweet as honey/All of this is true! When I was younger, my grandmother used to call me Love Bug. Well, I found this book called “You’re My Little Love Bug” while shopping at a local wholesale club one day. I was just looking for some board books for my daughter because she had chewed through some of her other ones. Teething is wonderful, isn’t it? Anyway, when I showed it to my mother, she immediately decided that she had to buy it for my daughter. “You’re My Little Love Bug” is all … Continue reading