Tips for Coping with Politics on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can be stressful all by itself. Things can get even worse when a presidential election happens a few weeks before Thanksgiving day. Some of your relatives might want to talk about politics. Here are some tips for coping with political discussions on Thanksgiving. Make a conscious effort not to talk about the election at Thanksgiving dinner. Don’t ask your relatives who they voted for. Stay away from topics that were especially controversial during the election. Thanksgiving dinner is not the time to wear a political t-shirt, button, or hat that came from the campaign of the candidate you voted … Continue reading

When Weight Enters Politics

I am by no means one of those persons that like to jump on the political bandwagon.  I have my own opinions, which aren’t usually shared. But I have to admit that I am quite disturbed over the fact that someone’s weight has become a political issue.  I am talking about New Jersey governor, Chris Christie. There is some belief that he may be getting ready to run in the next election.  If that’s true, I hope he is ready for things to get real personal.  Because that is how our society tends to handle politics…it gets down deep into … Continue reading

Mormons and Politics

I have to admit that on this election day, I could hardly think of anything to write about that did not directly relate to politics. While the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints maintains political neutrality, politics are still a very hot topic among LDS members. And, I have to say that I have been ashamed by some of the comments I have seen by LDS members of the church opposing other parties. Politics and Religion are two things that do not go hand in hand very easily. However, I have felt that during this election year, I have … Continue reading

Politics, Social Media, and Your Home Based Business

The election is coming right up, and I will be so glad when it is over. While I have paid some attention to the discussions that are going on in order to make an informed decision of how to vote, I have refrained from participating in the outpouring of political discussion that has been going on on Facebook. That may seem odd to some people, I mean, I am a lawyer – don’t lawyers like arguing and debating? Sorry to disappoint, folks, but I only like arguing and debating if I am getting paid to do it. Anyways, as the … Continue reading

Poll Finds Americans are Uneasy About Mixing Religion and Politics

A poll done by the Pew Research Center shows that Americans have become increasingly uneasy with the idea of mixing religion and politics. The reason for this has a whole lot to do with the battle over birth control coverage in employer sponsored health insurance. The Pew Research Center, according to it’s website, is “a non-partisan fact tank that provides information on the issues, attitude and trends shaping America and the world.” It conducts public opinion polling, and other types of empirical social science research. The Pew Research Center does not take positions on policy issues. It just gathers data … Continue reading

Talking Politics With Your Young Children

I love the car. Ok, I have a serious love-hate relationship with the car. I dislike its gas-guzzling properties, but I love it for talking with my daughter. It’s the perfect conversation starter. Trapped in a confined space, you talk about all sorts of things that wouldn’t normally come up. Today’s discussion was politics. Normally I don’t talk politics much. I grew up in a family where talking about politics was poor dinnertime conversation. I have deeply-held opinions on issues and I don’t keep them quiet either, but I rarely connect them to political parties, at least not in everyday … Continue reading

Politics, Politics, Politics

Politics in Education you say? Never! Unfortunately this is a reality. This is not (necessarily) the same thing as bureaucracy. This is not (necessarily) about teachers being bogged down with the adult equivalent of busy-work; tracking every single digit of each students progress on a variety of forms preventing the educator from doing the one thing she should be doing: teaching! This is not (necessarily) the same thing… but it is probably closer than I’d like to think about. No, I’m talking about office politics. Sometimes it gets ugly. Students, remember how I’ve written frequently about the syllabus (and I … Continue reading

Politics Blog Week in Review July 7-13

The week in review is our way of catching you up on whatever you may have missed in the politics blog during the week. Lots was happening this week as I’m sure will continue to be the case until the general election in November. Monday July 7 The Week in Politics News The previous week, I had been camping with my family on vacation and so we revamped the major news stories from the previous week. Tuesday July 8 Why You Should Vote Some people say it’s a lost cause, others are wondering if this is really the best we … Continue reading

The Week in Politics News

First, let me offer my apologies for the absence over the past week. I spent a week camping and working on our new house with my family. This particular week was without electronics for the most part. I had lots of time to sit under the stars (part of the week was spent tent camping), and contemplate how elections were held back in the days before television. But that’s the subject for another blog. Today rather, I thought it would be appropriate to look at where our two main players are in the campaign. McCain the Underdog Looks for His … Continue reading

Politics Blog Week in Review June 22

The week in review is our way at of letting you know what you’ve missed this week. Of course you can also hit the ‘subscription button to the right and subscribe to this blog so you don’t miss a thing! June 16—Obama and McCain on the Economy As both political candidates begin to spar over key issues in this election, I took some time to outline their differing views on the economy and more specifically taxes. In short, McCain favors a tax break–especially on things like gas. Obama favors raising taxes for those with more money while reducing taxes … Continue reading