The Importance of Pregnancy Support Groups

If you’re pregnant and feeling uncertain, or even if you feel great about pregnancy/childbirth, I still have an important recommendation: try to find a support group.  Not necessarily one called “pregnancy support group,” but try to find a group of other veteran, new, or expecting moms to spend time with. The support that’s offered just from spending time with others in the same boat, or who have been through it recently, is invaluable.  A lot of the weird things about pregnancy can be less alarming if you have others to talk about them with, who can say: “oh yes, that … Continue reading

When To Tell Your Boss About Your Pregnancy

As soon as the pregnancy test comes out with a positive response, the question of whom to tell about your pregnancy and when is likely to be on your mind quite a bit. The list of those people who are on a need to know basis does include your boss, but this does not mean that you need to dish right away. Of course, there is no one correct answer about when to disclose your pregnancy at work. Here are a few things to think about that can help you decide when you will tell your boss about your pregnancy. … Continue reading

Pregnancy Awareness Month (Part IV)

Our final topic for Pregnancy Awareness Months deals with what pregnant women need which is a topic that I am very passionate about. Meeting the genuine needs of pregnant women which in turn meets the needs of their babies. Five Things that Pregnant Women Need: Number One: Proper Nutrition You would think that this one is a no brainer, but it seems many people don’t understand what proper nutrition is and why it’s so important during pregnancy. A balance of nutrient dense foods plus a good prenatal are essential for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Pregnancy is not … Continue reading

FDA Considers Regulating DNA Testing Kits

Those DNA test kits that you can buy from a website sure look tempting. Genealogists often find them interesting because they can learn more about their ancestors based on the analysis of their DNA sample. Many people use these tests to learn more about their health risks. The Food and Drug Administration is considering putting regulations in place regarding these direct to consumer DNA kits. You may want to wait a little longer before purchasing one. In some cases, doctors will recommend that a patient have genetic testing done. The purpose may be to determine the risk a couple has … Continue reading

What Medications are Safe During Pregnancy?

One of the worst parts of being pregnant is when YOU get sick. Knowing which medicines to take can be confusing! One thing I hate even more is when you are trying to conceive and get sick. You aren’t sure if you are pregnant or not in the first week or two, and you think, “Should I? or Shouldn’t I?” I always err on the side of caution. I don’t want to risk anything!! But, once you know you are pregnant, why does it have to be so confusing? Some doctors are more conservative than others on advising you on … Continue reading

Reasons to Fire Your Doctor During Pregnancy

With my first pregnancy, I hated my doctor. With my second, I loved my doctor. I had female OBGYNs both times. First, let me tell you what I loved about my doctor during my second pregnancy. She was calming. She did not overreact about things. This was exactly what I needed. I am a worrier, so having a doctor that was not was very helpful. It was easy to schedule appointments and I never waited more than 10 minutes. She listened to me ramble. Never once did I feel like she was going to rush out of the room, or … Continue reading

The Pros and Cons of Testing Often

One of the big questions that comes up when we talk about home pregnancy tests is when you should test and how often. While it is a personal decision, there are both pros and cons to testing early and often. Here are a few: Pros: 1. If you test early and often you are more likely to catch a pregnancy in its very early stages. This makes determining your due date accurately much easier. It is also better if you are high risk. 2. Catching a pregnancy early on gives you more time to plan. You have more time to … Continue reading

First Pregnancy vs. Second Pregnancy (or Third, Fourth…)

I was guilty of it. Most women are guilty of it during their first pregnancy. I bet many of you did this as well. As soon as your pants were even remotely tight, you donned the maternity pants. You might have put on the whole ensemble, including the adorable fitted shirt with side ruching. First time moms are notorious for pulling out the maternity wardrobe long before it’s absolutely necessary, while it’s not uncommon to see “experienced” moms waiting until the last second. In protest, they button their pants with an elastic band and stretch out their t-shirts. Putting on … Continue reading

Questions To Ask Before Getting Your Infant’s Blood Drawn

From the time my daughter was about three months old, she’s had blood in her stool. It’s not every diaper and not even every week, but it consistently reappears. Her pediatrician and a G.I. specialist have almost entirely ruled out the possibility that it is anything to worry about. Even so, they recommended we get her blood drawn to test for and rule out any blood clotting disorders. I’m not the type of parent who immediately goes along with what a doctor tells me. I like to do my research, weigh the pros and cons, and then make a decision. … Continue reading

Tests, Treatments, and Nerves

In case I haven’t harped upon this enough in the last few days, I’m having an ultrasound this afternoon. And I’m a little nervous. Long story short: after my recent pelvic exam, my doctor suspects I have fibroids. I’m having an ultrasound today to confirm the diagnosis, so we can figure out a treatment plan. I’m glad to know that there’s a reason for my monthly misery — irregular periods, painful cramps, and other symptoms. I’m glad to know there is a wide variety of treatment options available. But I’m still nervous about the test. Let’s be honest: I get … Continue reading