Pros and Cons of Send Home Projects

There are a few teachers that I know that enjoy having their students complete “send home” projects. These projects typically involve both the student and the parents completing some type of activity or craft. These “send home” projects can be lengthy. The teachers usually allow the students at least one weekend to get them completed. Some teachers assign the project a week or more before it is due. Some of the projects can be very time consuming for families. Some can even be costly. In some cases the parents end up doing much of the work and the child does … Continue reading

The Pros and Cons of Co-Parenting

There are times when the “happily ever after” ends in divorce. When this happens, couples who are parents must sort out custody and visitation rights. Co-parenting is an option that may work out well for couples that can get along with each other post-divorce. There are also situations where co-parenting just isn’t going to work smoothly. Positive Aspects of Co-Parenting There is a celebrity example of what co-parenting looks like when it works well. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony split up in 2011. In 2015, they posted on Instagram a family photo from the birthday party of their 7-year-old twins. … Continue reading

Is It Cost Effective to Keep Chickens?

We have been wanting to explore keeping chickens (click here for an interview with the chicken lady) for a while. It is a project that would be educational, and provide us with some fresh eggs. Our environment is perfect for it. We live on two semi-rural acres and would have plenty of space for a coop. Many of our friends already have chickens. It has been a trend in this area for a number of years. They are happy to answer all of questions about raising chickens, what works or doesn’t work, how to keep the foxes out of the … Continue reading

Sign Up with Emergency Registry Before Sandy Hits

The Rhode Island Department of Health wants people who have special health care needs (or who have children with special health care needs) to register with the Special Needs Emergency Registry before Hurricane Sandy hits. This allows responders to plan for caring for those who have special needs in an emergency situation. If you, or your loved ones, live in Rhode Island, this information could be extremely helpful. The Rhode Island Department of Health wants people who have special healthcare needs (or who have children with special needs) to enroll in the Rhode Island Special Needs Emergency Registry before Hurricane … Continue reading

Legal Woes for Maryland Pit Bull Owners

A big headline here in Maryland lately has been an anti-pit-bull decision made by the state’s court of appeals. The case classified pit bulls and other “bully” dogs (meaning any dog with bull lineage) as “dangerous dogs.” This means that they are not included in the “one bite” exemption owners get before they are held liable for their dog’s action. That liability can also extend to anyone with control on the premises, including landlords, veterinarians, kennels/daycares, groomers, etc. The decision prompted widespread protest. Pit owners are worried that they’ll either be evicted, lose their homeowner’s insurance, or be forced to … Continue reading

Oklahoma Judge Rules School Vouchers are Unconstitutional

In Oklahoma, there has been an ongoing battle over school vouchers. It is specifically over the Lindsey Nichole Henry Scholarships for Students with Disabilities Act. The public schools aren’t complying with it. A series of lawsuits followed. Now, a judge has ruled that the special needs scholarships law is unconstitutional. There isn’t one, federal, rule that defines precisely how each state is required to deal with issues relating to school vouchers for students who have special needs. Therefore, each state must figure that out for itself. Sometimes, things work well. Other times, things result in a series of lawsuits. In … Continue reading

Pros and Cons of Paying Down Debt

I know what you are asking: “How can there be any cons related to paying down debt?” If you are not careful, there are several ways you can dig yourself deeper into debt trying to pay loans and other bills. In a previous blog I addressed the option of cashing in retirement accounts and other investments to pay down debt. While there are a number of benefits to doing this, there are also quite a few downsides as well. In fact, the Department of Labor went public recently warning Americans that making permanent withdrawals from their retirement accounts is not … Continue reading

The Pros and Cons of Special Ed Vouchers

Ohio has expanded its school voucher program to include all special education students. This means that parents of kids who have special needs, of any kind, can get financial support to put their child into a private school. The public schools may face financial difficulties as a result of the voucher system. According to, a school voucher is “a government cash grant or tax credit for parents, equal to all or part of the cost of educating their child at an elementary or secondary school of their choice”. It may also be called an “educational voucher” or a “scholarship”. … Continue reading

Some Kids With Autism May Not Understand Christmas

In general, kids who have an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) tend to have difficulty with social concepts. Many kids with an ASD can be extremely logical in their thought processes. Together, this can make it hard for them to understand the connections between Santa, Christ, and the Christmas traditions that most families participate in. Every year, there are a lot of little kids who are excited by the prospect of Santa coming to their house on Christmas Eve. Parents tell their children about Santa, and the youngest kids believe with all their hearts that Santa is real. When they get … Continue reading

Reflections on the Past Year

We are nearing the end of the year but before you start making plans for next year, you should spend some time reflecting on the past year. What have been the ups and downs of your home-based business this past year? What have been the good things and the bad things that have happened? The reason it’s important to think about these things is because you need a foundation to build upon, before you can enter the New Year. You don’t want to make some of the same mistakes you have already made. So by recognizing those things that need … Continue reading