5 Reasons NOT to Put Cereal in Your Baby’s Bottle

Many mothers swear that starting their infants on cereal early by putting it in their bottles helps their infants sleep longer through the night and to be more content. However, putting cereal in an infant’s bottle is dangerous, unwise, and to put it frankly a bad parenting practice. I should note, that there is one exception. Cereal in a bottle is a good and helpful treatment for reflux. However, if your infant has reflux, then your pediatrician will be monitoring your baby’s intake. Otherwise, cereal in the bottle is a practice that you should stay away from. #1. You can … Continue reading

Solid Foods: Making Your Own Rice Cereal

When it comes to feeding your baby solid food, rice is one of the most easily digested and very few people are allergic to it. That’s why it’s considered one of the best solid foods to get your infant started on. The great thing about the following rice cereal recipe is you can make up a large batch and keep it stored for up to 2 months. All you need is: A Blender A Freezer & Ice Cube Tray Freezer Bags 3 Cups of Brown Rice 12 Ounces of Formula, Breast Milk or Water How to Make Your Own Rice … Continue reading

Organize Your Stockpile by Becoming a Shelf Life Expert

I’m always on the look out for good stock up opportunities. When something goes on sale, can be “purchased” for free with coupons, or is on a deep clearance, I instantly calculate how much of that item should come home with me. It is important to know how much, logically, you should stockpile of a particular item or category of items. For example: how many jars of peanut butter should be in your pantry  right now until the next great low price? How many boxes of pasta, packages of toilet paper or bottles of shampoo? it all depends on the … Continue reading

When To Start Solids-Part I

Every family is different and every baby within that family is different too. Often, you will hear conflicting information on when it is appropriate to start solid foods for your child. I know some parents who are putting a little rice cereal in the bottle from a very young age to help with reflux issues. Some parents start their kids on solids at around 4-6 months old. And, others rely on a baby led solids approach where they skip over baby food altogether and let their child lead the way as to when they are ready for solid foods. When … Continue reading

Coupons From Facebook – Week of May 13, 2012

Facebook has become a great place to find coupons. The problem is that there isn’t any quick and easy way to find out about them. You cannot use the search engine in Facebook to make the coupons pop up. This blog is where to find out about the current, and new, coupons that are available through Facebook. Villa has a “Buy One, Get One FREE” coupon for Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen Neopolitan Single Sliced Pizza. To get access to this coupon, you must click “like” on their Facebook page. Street King has a coupon for 50% off a bottle of … Continue reading

My Experience With Child-Led Weaning – The Conclusion

Last month I shared my experience with child-led weaning. A month ago, we were down to one feeding each morning, and that continued for a while. This past week, my son dropped the morning feeding. He simply woke up and said “eat,” pointing downstairs (where his high chair is), and was happy to have his rice milk, banana and cereal. For a few days he asked to nurse in the afternoon. Then, one day, he didn’t ask at all. He didn’t ask the next day either… or the next. On the third day I realized he probably wasn’t going to … Continue reading

Going to Trader Joes

I am a woman of product loyalties. This is something I share with my husband. We only own Mac computers,for example. We nearly broke our hearts when we decided to buy a minivan that wasn’t a Ford, and the debate is still on about the merits of Sony versus Panasonic VCRs (yes, even in the DVD and Blu-ray age). The loyalty extends to grocery stores as well. There is one chain store that I like to frequent, and when we moved, I was reassured that there was a location near our new home. I like knowing where the different aisles … Continue reading

Avocados: The Perfect Baby Food

New parents probably receive a lot of conflicting advice when it comes to starting their babies on solids. Some say that, as soon as your baby starts reaching for your food, it means he is ready to eat it. (Does that mean that when my baby reaches for a bottle of beer, he’s ready for that, too?) Others claim that, if your baby doesn’t sleep through the night, adding solids to her diet will help her to sleep longer. (I’d like to find some of those people and make them explain to me why my daughter woke up to nurse … Continue reading

Double Coupons at K-Mart and Match Up Deals!

K Mart is doubling coupons again in select stores. The rumor is that this is the last time they will be doubling this year. Go to Kmart.com, and look up the flyer for your local area. If you don’t see an announcement of double coupons (usually in red at the bottom of the front page) then your store is not doubling. If your K Mart is doubling, be sure to look for a coupon booklet in your K Mart store. There are high value coupons which will make some items free or nearly free, such as Oil of Olay Body … Continue reading

Toddler Time

Ready, set, play! Nothing says lovin’ like an afternoon of fun with your curious toddler. Forget about spending a ton of money on fancy electronic toys. Instead, employ the following ideas to engage your tot in a day of discovery: CATCH WITH A CATCH Toddlers love to be chased, but there’s even more to love with this simple game when you spice it up. For example, instead of merely tagging your tot, the next time you catch her, plant a big kiss on her cheek or scoop her up into a big bear hug. My toddler loved getting tickled whenever … Continue reading