Did You Choose Godparents for Your Baby?

The concept of having godparents comes out of more liturgical traditions such as Catholicism. Different denominations have different “qualifications” for being a godparent. For example, in some churches it is suggested that the godparent be a member of the same church. However, I rather like the concept of having godparents–regardless of whether or not you’re religious and so bear with me for a minute here. Godparents are supposed to take the time necessary to build a special relationship with your child. They are supposed to share with them values and morals and take a vested interest in their lives. Obviously, … Continue reading

Scientologists Making Headlines

I doubt Tom Cruise’s latest gift was given to him because of his affiliation with Scientology, still it serves as another example of how the rich and famous stay rich because they don’t have to buy anything. Cruise’s newest “toy” was gifted to him by Ducati, a company that makes elite motorcycles. According to Ducati officials, Katie Holmes’ hubby will be the first person in North America to own a $72,500 Desmosedici RR superbike bristling with titanium, magnesium and carbon fiber technology that can cruise to speeds that exceed 200 mph. The actor is reportedly a well-known Ducati enthusiast and … Continue reading

Not-So Safe Side of Strolling

Summer is the perfect time to load your child in a stroller and enjoy Mother Nature. Sadly, it only takes a few minutes for a relaxing stroll to go south if you don’t take a few basic precautions, such as: *Buckling up your child with a five-point harness *Not letting older siblings run while pushing the stroller *Not putting excessive weight in the stroller’s basket *Making sure to employ the stroller’s brakes after you park it And last, but not least, not letting your baby wear his expensive bling on a stroller ride lest he get mugged. I wish I … Continue reading