Netiquette: Part I – Using Proper Email Etiquette

These days, everyone is wired. Unfortunately, just because Great Aunt Mary learned how to send email and surf the web, doesn’t mean she picked up the basics of netiquette along the way. What’s netiquette, you ask? Netiquette is the unofficial rules defining proper behavior on the internet–whether sending mail, posting in online communities and message boards, or chatting. For the purpose of this blog, we’ll tackle the basics of email etiquette. We’ll cover more tomorrow. TYPING IN ALL CAPS IS CONSIDERED SHOUTING Most people don’t appreciate being shouted at. Always use lower case unless you’re trying to show emphasis. Forwards … Continue reading

Ever Wanted to Get Paid for Picking up Your Mail?

Now you can. There are two mail tracking companies, US Monitor and Hausernet who pay agents (you and me) to receive mail through the US Postal Service. They put tags on their mail that they are sending out, and mail them out to their agents. When their agents receive the mail, they enter information online: What was the condition of the mail? What day did they receive it? It is extremely easy to do, which is good, because you’re never going to get rich doing it. The pay depends on the company, and on your location, but it is basically … Continue reading