The Husband-in-Law

My parents divorced when I was twelve. That was more than thirty years ago. It wasn’t amicable, and there were some problems. But they resolved them a long time ago, and both remarried. My father’s second wife left him, and he never felt the need to marry again. My mom and my stepfather, Fred, have been married for thirty years now. I consider my stepfather my “dad”. A few years ago, my father (Bill) moved in with us. By and large, it’s been a wonderfully positive experience. Recently, my other parents moved to the area. That was initially a little … Continue reading

When Your Cat Eats Furniture Foam

One of my first articles on the Pets Blog was about my dog and cat; I called it, “Cats and Dogs Really Can Get Along.” Another early article I wrote was: “Dogs and Toddlers: The Uncanny Similarities,” listing ways in which care for dogs and tiny humans can seriously overlap. I should write a piece that combines the concepts from both these articles: “Cats and Dogs Really Are Quite Similar.” It’ll chronicle my experiences as a simultaneous owner of both cats and dogs, and how alike they can be. Cole and Chihiro especially seem to have learned habits from each … Continue reading

Lip, Lip Hooray

It’s amazing what you see in elementary schools these days. For instance, the other day my second grader and I watched in stunned silence as a mom slathered Desitin all over her kindergartener’s face and lips before heading out to the parking lot on an exceptionally cold day. Desitin, as in the stuff you put on your baby’s butt to soothe and relieve diaper rash. The boy wriggled, squirmed and moaned, but the mom was not deterred. She continued to apply the white cream on his upper lip, cheeks and chin like a seasoned cosmetologist. Apparently, I wasn’t the only … Continue reading

The “Morning Person” Gene Has Been Discovered

Are you a “Morning Person”, or a “Night Owl”? Whatever your answer to that question happens to be, it is due to your genes. Scientists have discovered a gene that influence sleep duration. This could help explain why some people find that they are much sleepier during the day than they are at night. I am definitely not a morning person. I would much rather do my work late in the evening, (and into the wee hours of the morning). I have problems waking up earlier than noon, even if an alarm is set. Sometimes, I wonder if my chronic … Continue reading

We Are Cut Out Of The Holidays

Well I do not need to wait to tell you how our holidays are going to be with my in laws. This has been a horrible in law week. My kids have asked that for the gift exchange with Grandma and Grandpa on my husband’s side to be done without their Aunts, Uncle or cousin. They all have asked that the only people there are them and our family. We wanted to do a separate get together with the Aunt, Uncle and cousin. You may be asking why they wanted to do that and I will be more than happy … Continue reading

Who is Normal?

Well back to the family drama. My husband is in the hospital and soon they will be removing a kidney that died from his diabetes. Now he got the diabetes from his mom she is a diabetic and he developed as a teenager. When my husband got cancer I heard that he got it because I asked him to get a vasectomy. So hubby’s cancer is my fault? Would that kidney being removed at the ripe old age of 39 her fault? No don’t worry I am not going to tell them that because the vasectomy did not cause cancer … Continue reading

Half Siblings and Sperm Donation

A sperm donor in “the Washington area” has fathered at least 150 children. This means that the children are all half-siblings to each other. How would one make a family tree for this situation? There are many other potential problems that could happen as a result of having so many half-siblings. The term “half-sibling” is used to describe two people who have one parent in common with each other. These people also each have a parent that is not the parent of their brother or sister. Half-siblings share more genetics with each other than do two people who are unrelated. … Continue reading

Come on Really!

Shouldn’t family be there for you no matter what? This is a question that I find myself asking as I sit in my husband’s hospital room. His family only calls or comes around when he is sick; now that does not make any sense to me. Shouldn’t family be there whether you are sick or not? Should brothers and sisters only call when you are in the hospital? Should they only be able to find time to visit when you are in the hospital? When he is in the hospital they find time to spend with him any other time … Continue reading

My Wedding Night

We were finally married and because we did not have a big reception we had a great dinner with all the friends and family that did come to share that wonderful day with us. My mother, sister and one of my friends came down to Texas from Massachusetts to share in our wedding. It was great to see them so we wanted to include them in our wedding night party. This was their first trip to Texas so we wanted to do the tourist things we went to a country bar in Fort Worth called Billy Bob’s. It was fun … Continue reading

Rabbi Donates a Kidney and Saves the Entire World

The Talmud says that to save one life is to save the entire world. The act involved in preserving life can be great or small, but the ultimate dedication is the giving one one’s self, even flesh and blood to aid another. It requires tremendous courage and sacrifice to undergo surgery to donate a kidney for a person one has never met, and yet Rabbi Mendy Mathless, Chabad shliach in Albany, New York, donated a kidney to an Israeli man, Yisrael Konstantini, even though neither had met. Yisroel Konstantini of Netanya had been battling severe kidney problems for years, but … Continue reading