Gas Saving Roundup

Will you curb your vacation plans this summer because of gas prices? I’ve already cut back on driving here and there now that gas prices have reached the mid $3 range, but analysts say that things will only get worse. Gas prices predicted to rise to $4 a gallon this summer, just in time for the vacation season. Here is a round up on ways that you can save gas, starting today! Avoid buying overpriced gas Okay, so it all seems overpriced, right? But as you probably know, some gas stations charge more than others. How can you find out … Continue reading

Have You Been Introduced to Amazon.Com?

Probably the most innovative website I’ve ever encountered. is truly unique and definitely a one stop shopping place for the frugal of society who love to read or need a book for one thing or another. Recently I have been spending a great deal of time on And being the frugal gal that I am, it’s the perfect place for me. I have no particular problem with purchasing something used, and will try desperately to find whatever I need used, if it can be found. Among garage sales and yard sales, flea markets, clothing consignment shops, resale furniture … Continue reading